What Others Say

Dr. Edward P. Sakiewicz
President & CEO
DR. BIZ Consulting, LLC
San Antonio, Texas
“I met Sharon through my trusted colleague and business partner Jason Cronkhite.  Sharon is a top-notch professional with an advanced knowledge in coaching people and organizations to various areas of life skills, health/wellness, and the creative arts.  She is the best I have had the honor of collaborating with.  She has a very warm and collegial style, is extremely intelligent and wonderful to speak with.  I recommend Sharon and her business without reservation as I know she can help you and your people.  Kuddos Sharon!!

Janet Roper, Executive Director
Achievers School of Education
San Antonio, Texas
DISC Personality/Staff Development Workshop
“Utilizing the DISC personality inventory and having Sharon interpret the results with the staff at the beginning of the year made a tremendous difference.  Communication and the overall work environment have been much more positive than before.”
Staff responses—
“I like the parts of the “graphs.” It’s easy to know myself between the public and private. And it’s good to learn the tips that deal with other personality styles.”
“The presenter and program was very revealing. Thank you for your help!”
“It was nice to get a better picture of who I am and a little more able to understand others and work more effectively with my co-workers.”

Michael Arloski, PhD., CEO
Real Balance Global Wellness Service
“My association with Ms. Benedict began in 2005 with her completion of series of wellness coaching course work toward certification, for which I was Director and CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services. My own involvement in this field dates back to 1979. As a Counseling Psychologist, I began my professional involvement in the field of wellness and health promotion. I have keynoted and presented wellness and wellness coaching on four continents; and authored the leading book, Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, now in its second edition.

I have remained in close contact with Sharon since then and have benefited greatly from her knowledge and her professional contributions. I can think of no higher recommendation than to tell you that when I was faced with a serioius health challenge four years ago and required an ally to help me manage my return to full-time work, while in the midst of rehabilitation and recovery, I sought out the woman I considered the best wellness coach I had trained and contracted with her for wellness coaching services.

Beyond the provision of direct service, the organizational skills and the ability to synthesize and compile information then put it into useful form that directly impacts a person’s life is something else about Sharon I have been impressed with. I therefore, without reservations, recommend her coaching services and lifeskills manual, Celebrating Your Journey, Lifeskills in Synergy, who are seeking to benefit from her expertise.

Albert Lee Guinn, Jr. M.D., ABIM
Longevity & Wellness Center of South Texas Corpus Christi, Texas
“Rarely do I have the opportunity to acknowledge someone who has been such a light for so many around her. Observing Sharon Benedict in operation today is like marveling at a brilliantly, clear rainbow after a stormy rain. Sharon’s voyage in this life started from a place of fatigue, impaired immunity, and diffuse muscle and body aches.

After not receiving her answer from standard medical care, she set out to find a solution. She became unstoppable. She knew no boundaries in her quest. She studied, learned, counseled, and persevered until she developed a new portal to access health and wellness. She combined conventional medicine, integrative medicine, spiritual access, nutritional support, and just plain old common sense in order to generate a new formula for healthy results. From her work she not only grew into a dynamic, vibrantly healthy and engaging individual, but she has been a beacon for many who had previously felt lost in poor health and hopelessness.

As a clearinghouse of health information and a lightning rod of spiritual access, Sharon inspires not only her closest friends but also the health professionals that have worked with her and her increasingly enlarging following. Her truth cannot be defined with words, only by her living. Her truth is the supreme delight of the human soul. Thank you, Sharon.”

Dale Evans Rogers
Roy Rogers — Dale Evans Museum
Victorville, California
“Sharon, your book [In Daddy’s Eyes] is amazing! Thank you for sending it. I am taking the liberty to send your book to Linda Harry of Direct Link, Solvang, Calif. Linda is one of those people with horrible immune problems caused by an accident in a laboraotry. Direct Link is an incredible service by telephone to people from everywhere who are desperate to find healing for their maladies…Your book will bless her soul! God bless, Sharon….” (1995)

Doug Roper, Bronze Sculptor
San Antonio, Texas
“Contacting Sharon has been one of the best things that happened to my business!  In her roles as coach and consultant, she has helped me to identify my goals and to work toward those goals in an organized manner.  I have become more focused, productive, and hopeful as a direct result of time spent with Sharon. Her business sense, especially as it applies to artisans, is excellent.  She has been ‘hands on” and demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to helping me become more successful.

She has identified and helped both my wife and I to address and improve a wide variety of issues:  having a business plan, marketing, creating professional proposals, realistic goal setting, developing a business team, and effective communication. Her guidance and advice have impacted many areas of our lives; we are a more effective business team and more aware and appreciative of our different gifts and talents as a result of her assistance. Sharon is a rare find!  She is truly the “pearl of great price”.  Her faith and optimism are contagious. We only wish we had met her years ago!”

David Hertz, Former Director
Student Memorial Union, University of California, Davis
UC Davis Craft Center
(in reference to Sharon’s staff position as Crafts Program Manager)
“One almost runs out of adjectives in describing Sharon’s efforts on this staff. She was industrious, energetic, immensely creative and extremely talented. In her position she not only was responsible for organizing and directing the activities of the Craft Center, but in addition, taught many classes in her areas of specialty and was almost singularly responsible for the development of a new, expanded Crafts program, which opened September 1974 in what has to be one of the finest craft facilities in all of California. . .It speaks well to her ability to not only plan, but take the plan and assure its successful transition into actuality. I know also that a person of lesser tenacity certainly would have given up on the struggle for the Craft Center. In the process of its planning, she weathered delays in approval, shortage of funds, the burning down of the proposed site for the Craft Center, and the usual backbreaking kinds of difficulty that accompany any new building. The strength that she brought to the Craft Center is the strength that we are trying to build on today.”

Pastor Randy Nash
Los Osos Christian Fellowship, Los Osos, California
“Sharon is a uniquely gifted lady from a diverse educational and vocational background. Though not medically trained as such, through a long, winding journey back to health she has gained an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our nation’s medical resources that make her unusually equipped to help those in similar circumstances. Through many personal challenges Sharon has learned the importance of holistic living. With her enduring faith, the lessons learned throughout her journey, and the knowledge and research gained she is able to help people plot a path toward wholeness that is full-orbed and devoid of extremes. I highly recommend her services to you or to those you care about. Sharon’s diverse background as a Belief Therapist and Life Skills Consultant further enhances her services as a Professional Life Coach. She is also a welcomed speaker for any organization.”

Linda Terrell Goodridge
Robstown, Texas
“. . .Your captivating odyssey through adversity mesmerized me. Between laughing and crying, I couldn’t put your book down [In Daddy’s Eyes]. I was honored to walk with you as each page took me into your very own reality. Your faith inspired and comforted me. Your poems delighted my heart. The medical information you provided has been invaluable to me. Many of us will see ourselves in what you went through on your journey to wholeness. Thank you for your tenderhearted glimpse at family and the power of forgiveness. In Daddy’s Eyes will be one of my most favorite books I will refer back to throughout the years.”

D. Paige Holloway
Los Osos, California
Why did I choose to have a life coach? It was quite a decision for me as I have worked hard enough and been blessed enough that I could have stayed in retirement by being very frugal. I was divorced and living in my dream home. My two daughters are successful and safe. I have a wonderful gardener. My furniture was exactly what I had always wanted, and I have plenty of free time. My faith in God has bided me well most of my adult life. Yet, the organized church has been a dilemma for me. My own life-long experience within my dysfunctional family of origin only added to the dilemma. Compared to many others on earth I felt very blessed. I came to this current place after receiving needed help from skilled trauma therapists over the years. So why a life coach? What is coaching for me today? I was willing for Sharon to help me be accountable and even a little “crabby” with me.

Accountability was uncomfortable for me, and “crabbiness” has been the norm in my experience with other women. To my delight, we have been a team as Sharon is so respectful and patient. Sharon’s coaching reminds me to not lose myself. I see my life coach helping me head in the direction of focused purpose based on my own core values, resulting in balance, happiness, peace, joy, effortlessness, contentment and centeredness. I have someone I can freely express my thoughts to; and if I need answers, Sharon’s inquiry and support help me find them.

Life is truly no longer a competition; no one else is in the contest of being me. My coach is helping me connect to others and myself. It shows me how important it was for me to get with the right person. It is a very intimate connection and trust is a large part in the process of determining one’s purpose and core values. I am grateful for the counseling I received through the years. Yet, I will say I always just wanted to have someone tell me what the game was, and then I could move forward. I feel I have that with my own Personal Life Coach. I am no longer a victim with overwhelming problems. I am a team player enjoying the game of life. Thank you Sharon.