Recipes for Healthy Living

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For over 30 years, Sharon has been on a wellness journey. At the center of her journey she discovered and learned the disciplines of healthy living. For Sharon, “Food is Medicine” became the core driver for solving her many medical mysteries.
Today, she continues her wellness adventure creating Recipes for Healthy Living. Most all recipes follow a four-day food rotation Sharon was prescribed by her doctors through the years. Her rotation helped her avoid certain foods she was either allergic or sensitive to during her earlier years.
Along with other integrative medical interventions, Sharon’s food rotation regimen has reduced and resolved her many food sensitivities and other more complicated metabolic medical mysteries. Her regimen has become a natural part of her daily life, providing a wealth of whole food varieties.
For those who do not need to follow a rotation, the recipes still offer a wonderful variety of whole, nutrient-dense foods to try with each recipe. You can also have fun modifying the recipes to accommodate your own health and culinary preferences.

Enjoy Sharon’s recipes she has created over the years and still creating!

So, stay connected to try her next recipe dish!