Sharon as Website Creator

Over the years as a lifeskills coach & consultant, Sharon’s business clients often struggled with how to run their business and stay connected to their clients and customers. Our 21st century technology always seemed to confuse and intimidate them. And, often, their web presence was nonexistent or at best very basic and poorly designed for their business and services needs.

Voilà! . . . Sharon, putting on her consulting hat, decided to help them create a website! Their web presence needed to fit their budget, and more clearly and creatively reflect their business name, logo, and mission statement–or as we say in the trade, “tag line!” Both Sharon and client were learning fast how to “brand” the client’s dream business.

Fast forward 20 years, here are a few samples of websites Sharon created and still manages a few in between her writing, weaving, and webbing.

Feel free to contact Sharon if you are looking for someone to create
and/or manage your website on a budget.

Your Website Creation . . .