The Coaching Side of Life

For many years, Sharon was a certified professional life & wellness coach, as well as consultant for individuals, families, groups, organizations, and businesses. She has also been interviewed by a number of publications over the years.

Her life’s work is reflected in her book, Celebrating Your Journey, Lifeskills in Synergy. available for purchase at most all online booksellers.

Although putting aside her coaching practice to devote more personal time for sharing her life experiences with others, Sharon continues to use her coaching skills as a prolific writer, weaver, and wellness advocate . . . and loving it all!

Examples of her coaching articles for an integrative medical journal include the following:

Wellness coaching: a life coach’s collaborative approach to integrative healthcare (April, 2005 – VOL. 4, NO. 2)

How Practitioners Do and Don’t Communicate, Part I (December, 2007 – VOL. 6, NO. 6)

How Practitioners Do and Don’t Communicate, Part II: Generational Trends Impacting a Wellness Practice (February, 2008 – VOL. 7, NO. 1)

How Practitioners Do and Don’t Communicate, Part II (continued): Ways Generational Trends Impact a Wellness Practice (April, 2008 – VOL. 7, NO. 2)

Sharon continues to write and offer individual coaching on a referral basis only from her colleagues and friends. Life and wellness coaching has been an invaluable and integral part of her own journey focused on daily practical Lifeskills, Wellness, and Creative Arts Development. The training she gained made all the difference in her life, both professionally and personally.

Interested in learning what coaching and making lasting behavioral changes in your life look like? Click button below to get a glimpse from three lifeskill and wellness coaching pioneers who bring excellent synergy together helping us all making lasting behavioral changes for our good.

For those who are contemplating becoming a life and/or wellness coach, she highly recommends you check out our nation’s best training resources and schools (note: Sharon receives no compensation for her recommendations from these resources):

There are a myriad of reasons why a person chooses to utilize the skills of a coach. Although coaching addresses the whole life of a client, you are the one who chooses the purpose and goals of the coaching relationship.

In seeking, reaching, and achieving, you may wish to focus only on certain primary areas, personally or professionally. You may feel dissatisfied in some specific way with your present situation and desire change. Have you asked yourself, ‘What is my life long dream worth living, starting now?”

There are others who particularly want to have support and accountability toward achieving specific projects as part of their life design, both professionally and personally . . . whether the goal is relationships, time management, career, money management, or wellness. To find out if you are ready to be coached, take a moment and complete the form provided below. Your responses will give you a clear view of your readiness.

Coachability Index Form

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May your life be made richer and more vibrant through the expert advocacy of a professional life coach. Feel free to take advantage of Sharon’s resources, Tips for Life, and life experiences as a speaker for your group, or a writing project. You may contact Sharon for coach referrals with one of her colleagues; or find out if Sharon may be available herself upon referral.

Start Transforming and Celebrating Your Journey today!