What Others Say. . .

“Rarely do I have the opportunity to acknowledge someone who has been such a light for so many around her. Observing Sharon Benedict in operation today is like marveling at a brilliantly, clear rainbow after a stormy rain. Sharon’s voyage in this life started from a place of fatigue, impaired immunity, and diffuse muscle and body aches. After not receiving her answer from standard medical care, she set out to find a solution. She became unstoppable.

She knew no boundaries in her quest. She studied, learned, counseled, and persevered until she developed a new portal to access health and wellness. She combined conventional medicine, integrative medicine, spiritual access, nutritional support, and just plain old common sense in order to generate a new formula for healthy results. From her work she not only grew into a dynamic, vibrantly healthy and engaging individual, but she has been a beacon for many who had previously felt lost in poor health and hopelessness.

As a clearinghouse of health information and a lightning rod of spiritual access, Sharon inspires not only her closest friends but also the health professionals that have worked with her and her increasingly enlarging following. Her truth cannot be defined with words, only by her living. Her truth is the supreme delight of the human soul. Thank you, Sharon.
A Lee Guinn, Jr, MD, ABIM

Dear Sharon, Your book is amazing! I am taking the liberty to Linda. . .Linda is one of those people with horrible immune problems caused by an accident in a laboratory. . . your book will bless her soul!
Dale Evans Rogers
Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum

Oh, my goodness. I loved this book. I read the first chapter three times. I was amazed at the author’s strength and inner drive that kept her alive and fighting as God gently led her on the pathway to healing. I am thankful that she is here today to share the much needed wisdom and knowledge that so many of us are searching for.
Turtledove in Texas (Amazon review-April 4, 2013)