What Others Say. . .

“Celebrating- the word itself catches your eye as Benedict’s book begins your journey of self-discovery and a celebrated life. As you flip thru the pages, the eye-catching colors, book design and format encourage you to explore the content of each chapter. This is not an overnight quick read and we are encouraged to contemplate each step on our journey. A gradual progression allows the reader to learn the skills necessary to stop reacting to life and to start prioritizing. By incorporating small practical adjustments into our everyday lives, we are able to minimize the difficulty of CHANGE. Benedict’s depth of knowledge and gentle coaching teaches us how to improve ourselves, our relationships with family and friends, our relationships and success in the workplace and the world around us. At the end of the journey, may we find the joys and blessings of a life well-lived.”
BPeveto (2013)

“Contacting Sharon has been one of the best things that happened to my business! In her roles as coach and consultant, she has helped me to identify my goals and to work toward those goals in an organized manner. I have become more focused, productive, and hopeful as a direct result of time spent with Sharon. Her business sense, especially as it applies to artisans, is excellent. She has been ‘hands on’ and demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to helping me become more successful. Sharon is a rare find! She is truly the ‘pearl of great price.’ Her faith and optimism are contagious. We only wish we had met her years ago! Her self-paced lifeskills book, Celebrating Your Journey, Lifeskills in Synergy, is a genuine reflection of her remarkable commitment in the lives of those who are privileged to know her. I, therefore, highly recommend you take advantage of her expertise and significant resources generously available in this valuable lifeskills book.”
Doug Roper, Bronze Sculptor
San Antonio, Texas

It is a real pleasure to offer my endorsement of Sharon Benedict’s lifeskills book. My association with Ms. Benedict began in 2005 with her completion of series of wellness coaching course work toward certification, for which I was Director and CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services. My own involvement in this field dates back to 1979 when, as a Counseling Psychologist, I began my professional involvement in the field of wellness and health promotion. I have remained a contributor to that field ever since; have keynoted and presented on wellness and wellness coaching on four continents; and authored the leading book, Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, now in its second edition.

I have remained in close contact with her since then and have benefited greatly from her knowledge and her professional contributions. I can think of no higher recommendation than to tell you that when I was faced with a serious health challenge more than four years ago and required an ally to help me manage my return to full-time work, while in the midst of rehabilitation and recovery, I sought out the woman I considered the best wellness coach I had trained and contracted with her for wellness coaching services.

Beyond the provision of direct service, the organizational skills and the ability to synthesize and compile information then put it into useful form that directly impacts a person’s life is something else about Sharon I have been impressed with. I therefore, without reservations, recommend her book, Celebrating Your Journey, Lifeskills in Synergy.”
Michael Arloski, PhD., CEO (2011)
Real Balance Global Wellness Services

Celebrating Your Journey brings together essential elements of twelve practical daily lifeskills with your long-awaited dreams & goals. This unique and valuable book will focus on twelve lifeskill dimensions we all face each day. The emphasis or focus will be on Relationships/Core Values, Time Management, Career/Money Management, Recordkeeping, Housekeeping, Possessions, Wellness, Meals, Childcare, Recreation/Entertainment, Reflection, and Celebration.

These are the areas where you spend your time and life. Are your core values seen in these everyday activities? Do you know where you are heading and why? Do you ever feel overwhelmed as you try juggling your time taking care of your kids and family, working at another job, going to school and church activities, volunteering within your community, caring for your car, house or apartment, grocery shopping, fixing meals, going to the doctor, and the other ten things not on this list?

No matter the occupation and age, we all make daily decisions that impact ourselves and family. We often struggle with trying to balance our passion for enjoying life, family, and friends with those routine responsibilities faced every day. Creating the right kind of balance and synergy can be a taunting task for anyone in today‘s fast-paced society. It is virtually impossible to do everything and to be everywhere. What can you do to find balance & synergy?

Celebrating Your Journey will give you the opportunity to build a lasting foundation for your life, work, and community.