Lifeskills for Life


Transforming & Celebrating Your Journey!
Twelve Practical and Powerful Daily Lifeskills

Transform and Celebrate your life with these practical and powerful daily lifeskills impacting your everyday decisions and activities.

Are your daily “To Do’s” more than any one human being can do in a day?

Are you left feeling worn out and frustrated about how you can get anything done?

Are you just Muddling Through Life &
Definitely Want a Change?!

These practical and powerful daily lifeskills are a part of all our everyday decisions and activities. Whether at home, work, or play, how we live out and balance these daily life skills determine to a great extent how successful we are at living life. In addition, our belief directs our behavior. What we believe about ourselves, others, and even God influences and forms our life behavior. Our beliefs and attitude determine how we wake up in the morning to a brand new day to life’s opportunities and challenges. No matter the current challenges, I believe you are fully capable of achieving the life you want to seek, reach, and achieve.

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Celebrating Your Journey, Lifeskills in Synergy
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“Do you see your life only in the future tense, asking “When will my ship come in?” Well, friend, you are already on your ship! For you are the masthead, guided with your faith in God, traveling the high seas of life. There may be calm waters or stormy sprays drenching you. Yet, not a hair on your head will be out of place! Enjoy the perfect view.” Anonymous (modified)