DISC Personality Style System

The PeopleKeys DISC Personality Style System helps you understand the differences in people, offers a personal review of each individual’s strengths, areas for improvement, and gives you an action plan to improve relationships.

Just click the PeopleKeys image above to discover the many products available to you. Benefits from completing your Personality Style Report can include:

  • Improving communication and relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Discovering your personal motivators
  • Better understanding how to motivate others
  • Finding career options to best fit your personality style
  • Comparing yourself to historical figures and leaders
  • Learning to maximize your personal strengths
  • Building self-esteem
  • Identifying stressors
  • Managing more effectively
  • Reducing conflict and stress
  • Improving sales & team building
  • Identifying qualities and gifts

The DISC personality system had its beginnings around 400 B.C. From observing his patients, Hippocrates discerned certain similarities and differences in human behavior. He then organized them into four different behaviors.

Today, there are more than 30 temperament or personality profile systems utilizing Hippocrates’ four original behavioral patterns or temperaments. Whether the system enlarges the various combinations or uses other terms, these profile systems have their origins with Hippocrates. One contemporary system offers DISC products by PeopleKeys.

As we have entered the 21st century, DISC still remains a universal language of behavior that has been validated in over 25 countries since Marston introduced the model in 1928. At PeopleKeys their DISC products provide a neutral language to allow the discussion of individual behavioral differences, and it is not a ‘label’ that is placed on individuals. DISC identifies how four behavioral factors interact and emphasizes the strengths and uniqueness of each individual.

PeopleKeys has had success in behavioral analysis and Unlocking Human Potential for over 35 years. As a world leader in customized behavioral assessments and delivery systems, PeopleKeys prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, an international platform, and the most customizable and tailored solutions around.

For decades, PeopleKeys and the Institute for Motivational Living have worked together with the DISC Personality System.  This simple, yet profound methodology has been a well of insight into human motivation, compatibility, communication, diversity, and self-awareness for PeopleKeys and it’s DISC users.  There are no areas of home life or work life for which DISC can’t benefit or be applied to enhance relationships, inform decisions, or improve mutual understanding.   While DISC’s deep theoretical underpinnings make it a valid and reliable diagnostic tool, it is the analysis, and application of the theory that PeopleKeys provides that distinguishes us from other DISC publishers and service providers. Additionally, PeopleKeys and the Institute for Motivational Living have ventured into other areas of behavioral analysis such as thinking styles, learning styles, and team interactions for a truly 3-dimensional look at an individual or team.

PeopleKeys is an organization passionate about helping people understand themselves and each other better. They use proven DISC personality system and industry-leading technology to deliver an unmatched level of insight into human behavior. They are also dedicated to helping individuals, families, businesses, and ministries achieve a new level of understanding in the way people think, behave, and interact.

PeopleKeys products are based on the four temperaments of Hippocrates and the work of Dr. William Marston, one of the foremost psychologists of the twentieth century. They publish a variety of products for use in coaching and consulting. Among many valuable products, two foundational versions of PeopleKeys’ DISC Personality Style reports are offered, including a faith-based focus. Both types of products are provided in paper version to be mailed to you and online version for immediate access to complete. Just click the one you prefer.

 “All people exhibit all four behavioral
factors in varying degrees of intensity.”
-W.M. Marston 

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