Coachability Index

Sharon L. Benedict, MS

(Modified from original Coachability Index by Thomas Leonard and

Give yourself a score of 1-5 for each statement (1 being the least true, 5 the most true):

35 – 45 Not Coachable right now: You may want to come back to coaching when you’ve spent some time with a counselor or therapist to help you resolve some of your life, relational, & developmental issues; or ask if your coach offers Pre-coaching Readiness Development support.

46 – 55 Coachable, but you may need to ensure that the coaching agreement and boundaries are thoroughly understood and honored. You may also need to spend extra time working on your own growth.

56 – 65 Easily Coachable: You are encouraged to spend time working on key shifts and distinctions to raise your score so you will be able to take fuller advantage of your coaching.

66 – 75 Extremely Coachable: ask your coach to request a lot from you – but make sure you don’t fall into the “Perfect Client” trap. Be sure to let your coach know when life demands coupled with coaching homework become too much for you to handle without feeling pressured. (If you find yourself reluctant to call for your appointment because you didn’t do your homework, call anyway and share that thought first! Then request a slower pace for a few weeks while you build your accountability muscles. Set it up so you get to WIN!)