The New Year – 2022 Changes & Beyond

I am beginning an amazing 17th year writing my From the Heart, Lifeskills for Today byline! My hope for all readers rests in believing the articles written over the years have been helpful and rewarding for each one. Feel free to review any of the articles via the blog archives. To refresh our memories on the twelve practical lifeskills, let’s get a glance of each one. How will 2022 shape up for you?

What changes do you want to make in 2022 and beyond? Would love to hear from you and feel free to request topics to cover in the months ahead. Here are the twelve lifeskills again in a table format below for your use, one chosen for each month, such as Relationships/Core Values for January. Just write in the changes you want to make and the first step you are committed to take. The form is available here to print off and use over time.

Basically, these twelve lifeskills are summarized as follows:

1. Relationships/Core Values—Relationships are all around us—with family, community, systems, institutions, even when alone. From conception to our final days, we are all influenced by the many relationships we experience. We all have the same basic human needs. Our core values form and grow with each relationship and significantly impact our nation‘s social health.

2. Time Management—includes all one does during a daily 24-hour period

How do you spend your time? Facing your motives. Key benefits and barriers. Are you just ―muddling through?‖ A Key Principles & Practices—SMART, Strategic Planning. The Central Calendar. Garnering ―ME‖ time. Every moment is a gift. Receive it, treasure it, and use it purposefully.

3. Career/Money Management—includes career choices/transitions, finances, money management skills, attitudes toward money. How‘s your work? Do you love what you are doing? Attitude towards money, budgeting, benevolence & giving, saving, managing credit. When choosing a career, finances and core values are inseparable.

4. Recordkeeping— Bringing order out of chaos—Encourage and sustain integrity with thorough records. Basic records—net worth, budget, home/possession inventory, benevolence/giving, keeping receipts, emergency records, life/family memories

5. Possessions—includes all your physical possessions/assets and commitment to their care (incl. home, vehicle, & your “stuff”). How much do you value your possessions—home/vehicle/”stuff”? Need or Want? To fix myself or not to fix myself. Whether our castle, car, or couch, possessions need our care; but try not to have them control and clutter your life.

6. Housekeeping—includes clean enough for healthy/dirty enough for happy; housecleaning chores, who does them, & when; including clearing the clutter.

7. Wellness—includes all aspects of 21st century health and wellness with focus on wellness goals with prevention/wellness/ longevity; 3 worlds of wellness (conventional/CAM/Integrative); Getting Back the Basics—Nutrition, Exercise/ Movement, Stress Management, health risk indicators/obstacles to wellness.

8. Meals—includes mealtime tips, meals on the run are no fun, meal planning/prepping, mealtimes, location, family and guests. What are your mealtimes like? Meals at home and on-the-go.

9. Childcare—includes the essential aspects of caring for children from pregnancy throughout childhood. Children are your gift to humanity. the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of children. Quantity & Quality time together. Making your home a welcomed place for children (whether single, married, with or without children). Learning to let go.

10. Recreation/Entertainment—includes activities specific to recreational/entertainment choices based on core values, social interaction, and just plain fun. How do you play at home, in your community, state, nation?

11. Reflection—includes moving forward by reflecting back; review of lifeskill dimensions, impact of decisions and actions in each area; quiet reflection—a moment of silence; what’s ahead; saying thank you.

12. Celebration—includes focus on embracing life as a celebration; celebrating good news; simple & hi-tech ways; getting out of the routine rejoicing rut; celebrating making memories; choosing activities and events for self and family—to encourage affirmation and enjoyment of relationships and rewards of commitment and action; celebrating beyond—contributing to the lives of others. Dream a little…or a lot! What, why, when, where, with whom, and how do you want to Celebrate your Journey?

I encourage you and your family to utilize my self-paced lifeskills journal, Celebrating Your Journey, Lifeskills in Synergy, available at most all online bookstores. All twelve practical daily lifeskills are covered. You will be able to journal your life goals specific to each lifeskill as you pace yourself through the year. Your journal will be an important asset helping you stay accountable toward reaching and achieving your dreams and goals in life.

May any changes you make this new year and beyond be ones that bring hope, purpose, peace, fulfillment, even laughter together for you and your family.