Celebrate Because You Can!

Where do you begin to celebrate this season? For so many of us, the challenges and crises of the past two years have at times felt overwhelming. With grieving over lost loved ones, lost jobs, hyper-inflation just beginning, and the division in our nation still widening, maybe you are asking yourself, “What is there to celebrate?

No matter what any of us have gone through, look around you on who is still with you and what you still have to celebrate and be grateful for. Isn’t this the basics of life we all need to wrap ourselves around, simply because we can? We all have a choice, don’t we? So, how about joining me in making of list of one thing you will do each day of December to celebrate and show gratitude?

Here’s the first week of my list. I encourage you to be creative in ways you and your family can make this Christmas and holiday season a little bit sweeter.

  • December 1: Call my best friend to see how she is doing.
  • December 2: Choose a few special stocking stuffers that may not cost much but says “I love you.”
  • December 3: Go for a nature walk with my hubby.
  • December 4: Offer my lifeskills support group dedicated time to share each other’s care and help.
  • December 5: Play online chess with my grandson.
  • December 6: Call four neighbors to wish them a very Merry Christmas and ask if they have need of something.
  • December 7: Learn how other countries celebrate Christmas.

To help us all discover how to show gratitude each December day, learn ways you can share and volunteer in your community’s Christmas celebrations. Here are also a few links to cruise through.

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But always remember, Christmas is a central reminder each year of a divine visitation making Christ the centerpiece for our celebration and gratitude for the life we share with others.