Vexing over COVID Vaccines and Other Therapeutics? – part 1

With the deluge of information from governmental sources along with the misinformation maze on social media, I am getting more confusing calls and messages each day. What and who do we believe? And I sure don’t want to be among the many spreading misinformation or out-of-context posts. Yet, we all as patients just want to do the best we can navigating this messy maze of medicine.

A question I am asking myself right now is “How in the world do I make sense of it all in some orderly fashion for this article?” This feels like a colossal elephant almost too much to attempt to ride. Yet, with so many questions being asked, and concerns shared, this article series will be my attempt at offering an objective perspective and resources for you to do your own homework. So, let’s start with questions friends and strangers alike have asked:

  1. What reasons do people give not to take vaccine?
  2. What reasons do people give to take vaccine?
  3. What existing meds have been used and recommended? And by which doctors?
  4. What protocols are hospitals using and those not allowed?

The responses for 1 & 2 go something like this:

  1. Reasons given not to vaccinate: I don’t believe the government; I am pregnant and don’t want to hurt my baby; I am young and don’t need it; I believe I will get herd immunity faster with getting Covid; I believe these other doctors I read on social media who say it will harm me; Covid is a hoax; I am taking all the nutritional supplements I believe will prevent and help treat Covid for me; Covid is just like any other virus like the flu and I will get over it.
  2. Reasons given to vaccinate: I tend to believe on the side of the CDC, John Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic; my doctor wants me to get it and I trust him/her; my healthy loved one died from Covid so I know how dangerous it is; I have a chronic disease that puts me at greater life-threatening Covid risk; I am in my 70s and feel it best if I get the vaccine; I have elderly parents who I don’t want to put at risk.

Any one of these reasons can be accompanied with limited understanding and often with misinformation out of context, or outdated data being used. Understanding Covid and vaccines is a continually moving target on a daily basis as more is learned along the way. If you are looking for just one silver bullet, you may just discover it doesn’t exist. We will undoubtedly need multiple silver bullets in combination. Just as David had five stones for one giant, the first one struck the target; but he had four other stones for the possible giant’s other four brothers that I bet were going to show up! And praying about this is always a good thing!

No one knows better than you what is best for your family. All health conditions must be considered when reaching for multi-layered preventive and treatment protocols. WHAT WORKS FOR ONE PATIENT MAY NOT WORK FOR ANOTHER, even within the same family. I am confident we have each seen this perplexing maze unfold with family and friends who have decided to be vaccinated or not. Then add trying existing therapeutics from hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, higher nutrient levels of zinc, vit D, and so many others various doctors have prescribed and recommend for COVID treatment, even preventively, contrary to CDC, FDA, or other “official” entities.

When trying to figure things out whether to vax or not to vax, I highly encourage you to seek out those conventional and integrative/functional MDs who have ACTUALLY been part of the vaccine research process, such as with Pfizer and Moderna, who provide clearer explanations of research, how the vaccines work, clinical trials, risk factors, and outcomes. Be cautious of third-party prognostications and narrow clinical experience and perspective. And even though many have a hard time believing anything that comes from the government, check it out anyway. You just may find some facts that warrant your attention.

We need to accept no vaccine has ever been 100%, and all meds have some degree of side effect depending on a patient’s overall health history and current chronic conditions. On this side of heaven, “Benefit to Risk” always plays a major role in determining what specifically works for each of us.

And keep in mind, the internet has been a two-edged sword for us. It has given us a means to more comprehensively research but also inundates us with misinformation from well-meaning so-called experts and disinformation from those who consciously intend to deceive and confuse. But that doesn’t dismiss each of us from making major lifestyle changes in the way we take care of our body, mind, and soul.

So, where does the change start for better healthcare? Change occur for both doctor and patient when doctors start to look at the whole person and patients take responsibility for their health damaging behaviors. How about starting with being honest with yourself about those behaviors that only increase the risk with COVID and other chronic, life-threatening conditions. This self-reflection only has become more complex and combative with the Biden Administration’s latest vaccine mandate plans ordering sweeping new federal vaccine requirements for as many as 100 million Americans, including private-sector employees, health care workers, and federal contractors. Knowing human nature as we do, mandating anything often just triggers a high level “Oh, no you won’t!” emotional response. This response is prevalent even when a mandate may be supported by the latest data. Yet, the data may change tomorrow! Again, it all depends on what and who we are listening to. I am not saying the mandate was the best route to take. I don’t personally think so. One would think it logical to have each person and their own personal doctor decide what is best, not a government agency.

With part two, my response to questions 3 and 4 will be offered. I will be covering resources for COVID information and the many therapeutics being used and in the works to research on your own.