Sneak Preview – for women and all those who love them, including you men!

Where Went My Want To? is a witty and wisdom-filled “thought-for-the-day” companion calendar book with practical lifeskill tips for women going through menopause & beyond, and for those who love them. Where Went My Want To? is for those who need a friend to laugh with them, cry with them . . . and believe for them when they can’t.

This “thought for the day” journey together is even more important when the ‘pause’ that only refreshes happens after it’s over! Just ask most any older mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, and their male companions who know about the crazy thoughts, the gloom and doom, the oh . . . so tired body, the yawns and sighs!

With menopause, the daily life routines and that “to do” list seem to be just too much to take. Many may treat us as hypochondriacs or assume we may take advantage of the “facts of our condition” and become downright unbearable to be around. Let’s get real here. Doesn’t truth set us free? Let’s understand what is really going on and finally relax a little along the way.

With each day, we all still must face the daily routines of life we simply cannot ignore. We know those lifeskill routines so well. With each morning rising we are dealing with relationships that are often at odds with our faith and core values held dear, or the way we spend our time, work at our job, manage our money, keep the books, and care for our possessions or “stuff.” Let us also not forget about keeping the house clean (maybe not today!), tread that treadmill toward wellness, eat all the “right” foods, make sure the kids do their homework and eat their veggies.

We then somehow find ways to have a little fun along the way. Hopefully, at the end of each day we also “pause” to reflect and celebrate we actually got through the day! That is why each month’s thoughts are focused on a particular lifeskill impacting our daily lives. With the journey through each day and month, you may then just find your “want to” come alive again and welcomes you home where you belong.”

What Others Say . . .

“Most of us do not make the interrelated wellness connections among choosing a job, managing our
money, living our values in our relationships, or even playing and having some fun. Sharon has done a
masterful, creative job helping us make that connection in Where Went My Want To?. The synergy she
brings to her thought-for-the-day calendar is not just for women navigating through the “pause” but
also for men who seek to understand and share the journey together. Thank you Sharon for the daily
gems of wit, wisdom, and even whimsy.”

John W. Travis, MD (physician & author)
The Wellness Workbook, How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality

“Of the many worthy thought-for-a-day publications helping women and those who love them journey
through menopause, Sharon’s “Where Went My Want To?” is a remarkable contribution. Her uniquely
crafted self-reflection journal reveals Sharon’s ability to inspire and capture an authentic
connection with those who shared their stories as life happens. I encourage all who wonder where
your “want to” went, pick up a copy and begin your journey of self-discovery. You may just find
your “want to” come alive and welcome you home where you belong. Times of transition, change and
disruption are wonderful moments for us to reflect on what to let go so new parts of us can emerge
on our journey to wholeness.”
Henna Inam, Executive Coach, “Wired for Authenticity” Author, Speaker

Look forward to hearing from you about my latest writing project!