Pandemic Lessons Learned . . . Winning Over Fear, part 1

Lately, I have been compiling some life lessons learned from this pandemic. These life lessons have made all the difference in winning over the fear. Fear is a powerful emotion and, unfortunately, continues to permeate our nation. So, I decided to ponder those lessons learned and how they have sustained myself and others through these challenging times. I encourage you to record your own lessons learned and share them with family and friends.

Among my own lessons learned, I was encouraged by those listed by Robyn Goldfarb, 14 life lessons I learned from the pandemic (MSM/Money-April 8, 2021). I have included them with my own take on how others and myself have been changed by those lessons.

Witnessing Immense Kindness & Ingenuity – People are amazing – people stepping up to help others even in the midst of their own challenges. Amazing how a simple act can bring hope back into the heart of others, such as simply neighbors going shopping for their neighbors in quarantine. Even businesses and employees who were financially struggling themselves found ways to help people in need.

Beware of Selfishness I found myself being more aware of selfishness I didn’t think was in me. I become more vigilant in recognizing any selfish or self-centered attitudes that fear engendered. I was challenged to look at how fear was cornering me in unnecessary ways.

Taking Things for Granted – I realized how much I took for granted and how I could survive without many things. I had to work on my attitude toward not doing things I normally did . . . go grocery shopping, eat at a restaurant, take a vacation, going to a movie theater. We actually made do without all those things. These things are great and can be important, but we can do without them when we need to.

Choosing Our Mood – No matter the challenges, we all still have a choice of how we respond to those challenges. When I found myself extra moody around holidays, such as my daughters’ birthdays and Christmas time, I too needed to make a choice to lift my mood by being creatively festive in ways I probably would never have thought about if not for this COVID season.

Becoming a Kid Again with our Kids – For young children, it is amazing how they play so playfully. Their imaginations thrive with the simplest of toys before them. Us parents can learn so much from just watching them play and, of course, playing with them, even rolling on the floor! With a positive attitude and freeing our imaginations with our children, life somehow becomes so sweet in those moments making unforgettable memories. COVID then somehow become more distant from our thoughts and behavior.

The Party of One – One of the big lessons is when we find ourselves alone and lonely. COVID has wreaked havoc on so many fronts, too many to list here. Yet, I would not hasten to put loneliness at the top of the list for most of us. There are some people who are more introverted than others. For myself, there are times when it is a must to be around others. There are also other times where being alone is exactly where I want to be. Being alone for us writers is a requisite much of the time. Yet, we often find our inspiration to write and share when being with others and hearing their stories. I am very grateful for having my husband with me through these difficult times. Sharing my day with John has made all the difference in winning over my own set of fears. I also love to spend time virtually with family and friends. Seeing their faces makes my heart leap.

These are just a few of many lessons learned. With part 2 coming next time, more life lessons will be offered, such as being the Reconnecting In New Ways, Caring Communities, Heroes at Home, Beyond Government, and more. In the meantime, be sure to think about your pandemic lessons learned winning over fear. Feel free to share with me so I can include them in the next couple articles in this series.