Sands of Time

Time that Lasts

For those who are my age and older, we all wish time would not fly by so fast. For our younger generation, they wish time would fly faster! Yet, where does the phrase, “Time Flies” come from? Per Wikipedia, the phrase was coined from a Latin translation into English from line 284 of Virgil’s Georgics book 3. The Latin phrase says “fugit inreparabile tempus,” which means “it escapes, irretrievable time.” Both Latin and English forms were used as a proverb for “time’s a-wasting.”

Since this month’s lifeskill is focused on Time Management, let’s see where we are currently moving forward with time that lasts. Yes, I did mean time that lasts. Despite how it feels when our lives are replete with important, urgent, and daily responsibilities filling each day, I believe there is a way to make time last longer, and even slow it down! No, I am no longer one of those Polyannas who live in some unrealistic dream world. We all only have so much time gifted us on this side of Heaven. Doesn’t it all depend on how we use it with our thoughts, words, and actions? Who wants to have any regrets that reflect more on “time’s a-wasting” than on those who “made the most of the time” while we were able?

The challenges and lessons we are learning from COVID and our nation’s conflict-ridden citizens between who’s values will rule our nation, has given us all pause. That pause has engendered all kinds of emotions good and bad. Those emotions continue in 2021 to be felt not only via the media’s voice, social networks, and even out of our own mouths within our communities and neighborhoods. How do we move forward with the time we have to make it last a lifetime?

I know for myself, I needed to give serious thought about how I am using my time. Whether with relationships, jobs to get done, time on the computer and the phone, all needed to be put on the table toward changing my use of time. So, these past few weeks I have finally let go of some relationships and resigned from a few jobs I really enjoyed but didn’t have the motivation to continue. I believe God does get our attention when changes are needed. We just need to be sensitive and willing to agree and take action.

Once I did, I felt a huge weight lifted and a sense of peace that has given me more time. This newly gifted time is now available for what I believe I need to step into. I now will be able to have more time with my family, helping my daughters, and focus on some writing needing to be finished.

This time-use shift is all wrapped up in sharing the values I have embraced over my lifetime for anyone willing to listen or needing encouragement along the way. May you also discover your own ways to make time last and embrace values that bring faith, life, and hope to those around you through the generations to come. You will then leave a legacy of times that last forever in the memories of those you touched with the time you treasured.