A Happy New Year . . . but are we still in limbo?

Congratulations to all who made it through 2020!

Did you find your sweet spot to celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day in a way that welcomed you into a little haven of hope instead of a hangover? I hope so.

While putting away all our holiday decorations, for many, it really doesn’t feel any different than the last twelve months. And for so many who lost a loved one, like my family, it’s been hard to even say the word “Happy” with the New Year!

Like my husband said this week, he still feels like he is in the twilight zone, and the New Year countdown is still reverberating across our nation. With all the continuing election challenges and lawsuits lingering in this month and many hoping for a miracle or two, we all wonder what is next. Then add COVID numbers rising during the New Year winter months amid any number of vaccines being administered to healthcare workers, nursing homes, teachers, even politicians. All are hoping for mild side effects from those vaccines.

So, while we watch things unfold in this brave new world, how are you getting into life’s routines for 2021?

No matter what life throws at us, let’s be determined to fill our hearts and hands with purpose and passion on behalf of others around you and for our nation. I know I am definitely more determined to support others who are on the frontlines with the values I hold dear.

This 2021 year and beyond is not the time to go back into our hiding places. So, what “scatteringly brilliant” ideas have you come up with? If you are struggling with how to navigate the coming months and years, how about revisiting your core values? Let’s get back to the basics of what is most important to you. From the list provided, choose your top five core values. Then assess how your relationships with family, friends, and strangers alike support those core values.

Which relationships have been a barrier to living your core values? But before you file for divorce or say “hasta la vista” to that friend, let’s take some time in the next article this month to focus on ways we may or may not communicate our values with one another.

ACCEPTANCE—to be accepted as I am
ACCURACY—to be accurate in my opinions and beliefs ACHIEVEMENTS—to have important accomplishments ADVENTURE—to have new and exciting experiences ATTRACTIVENESS—to be physically attractive
AUTHORITY—to be in charge of and responsible for others AUTONOMY—to be self-determined and independent
BEAUTY—to appreciate beauty around me
CARING—to take care of others
CHALLENGE—to take on difficult tasks and problems
CHANGE—to have a life full of change and variety
COMFORT—to have a pleasant and comfortable life COMMITMENT—to make enduring, meaningful commitments
COMPASSION—to feel and act on concern for others CONTRIBUTION—to make a lasting contribution in the world
COOPERATION—to work collaboratively with others
COURTESY—to be considerate and polite toward others CREATIVITY—to have new and original ideas DEPENDABILITY—to be reliable and trustworthy
DUTY—to carry out my duties and obligations
ECOLOGY—to live in harmony with the environment
EXCITEMENT—to have a life full of thrills and stimulation
FAITHFULNESS—to be loyal and true in relationships
FAME—to be known and recognized
FAMILY—to have a happy, loving family
FITNESS—to be physically fit and strong
FLEXIBILITY—to adjust to new circumstances easily
FORGIVENESS—to be forgiving of others
FRIENDSHIP—to have close, supportive friends
FUN—to play and have fun

GENEROSITY—to give what I have to others
GENUINENESS–to act in a manner that is true to who I am
GOD’S WILL—to seek and obey the will of God
GROWTH–to keep changing and growing
HEALTH—to be physically well and healthy
HELPFULNESS—to be helpful to others
HONESTY—to be honest and truthful
HOPE—to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook
HUMILITY—to be modest and unassuming
HUMOR—to see the humorous side of myself and the world INDEPENDENCE—to be free from dependence on others
INDUSTRY—to work hard and well at my life tasks
INNER PEACE—to experience personal peace
INTIMACY—to share my innermost experiences with others
JUSTICE—to promote fair and equal treatment for all
KNOWLEDGE—to learn and contribute valuable knowledge
LEISURE—to take time to relax and enjoy
LOVED—to be loved by those close to me
LOVING—to give love to others
MASTERY—to be competent in my everyday activities
MINDFULNESS—to live conscious and mindful of the present moment
MODERATION—to avoid excesses and find a middle ground
MONOGAMY—to have one close, loving relationship
NON-CONFORMITY—to question and challenge authority and norms
NURTURANCE—to take care of and nurture others
OPENNESS—to be open to new experiences, ideas, and options ORDER—to have a life that is well-ordered and organized

PASSION—to have deep feelings about ideas, activities, or people
PLEASURE—to feel good POPULARITY—to be well-liked by many people
POWER—to have control over others
PURPOSE—to have meaning and direction in my life RATIONALITY—to be guided by reason and logic
REALISM—to see and act realistically and practically RESPONSIBILITY—to make and carry out responsible decisions
RISK—to take risks and chances
ROMANCE—to have intense, exciting love in my life
SAFETY—to be safe and secure SELF-ACCEPTANCE—to accept myself as I am
SELF-CONTROL—to be disciplined in my own actions SELF-ESTEEM—to feel good about myself SELF-KNOWLEDGE—to have a deep and honest understanding of myself
SERVICE—to e of service to others
SEXUALITY—to have an active and satisfying sex life SIMPLICITY—to live life simply, with minimal needs SOLITUDE—to have time and space where I can be apart from others
SPIRITUALITY—to grow and mature spiritually
STABILITY—to have a life that stays fairly consistent TOLERANCE—to accept and respect those who differ from me
TRADITION—to follow respected patterns of the past VIRTUE—to live a morally pure and excellent life WEALTH—to have plenty of money
WORLD PEACE—to work to promote peace in the world