Celebrating because we can! part 2 revisited

With Christmas and a New Year just around the corner, let’s revisit a slightly updated December 2016 part 2 to help us choose to Celebrate because we can. Be sure to also compare Dec 2016 and 2020 updated part 1 to gain a glimpse of then versus now. Since the elections, the coming Christmas holidays, including all the 2020 election challenges and lawsuits still lingering probably into January 2021, where does your hope rest? Hopefully, we all will be encouraged to begin 2021 with a determination to be grateful for making it through 2020!

As we contemplate what 2021 may look like, how about your first 100 days of the new year? What are they going to be filled with? Will it be more “Oh, woe is me” or “Oh boy, can’t wait to make a difference”? Where does your heart point you to? Hopefully, it won’t just be the “same ole, same ole” of overwhelm and complaining, but simple ways at first to celebrate because you can.

Right now, I bet you are saying, “Please, give us a break! We just don’t have the energy for one more thing to think about right now, let alone the next 100 days or year!” Have the elections and holidays simply drained you? Ok, I do understand, really, I do. Who wants to think about how to help solve some of our community and nation’s biggest problems such as poverty, economy, national security, supporting the constitution, healthcare, and tax reform; then add election integrity to the list! Not at this moment, that’s for sure! The holidays and getting along with relatives you haven’t seen for years are exhausting enough!

How do we even begin when we each have so many things needing our attention right within our families, work, and neighborhoods? We have a house to clean up, work to catch up on, bills to start paying on from all that Christmas shopping, and get over that nasty cold caught somehow from someone. Then add our nation’s COVID on top of it all!

So, before I start in on the new year with “scathingly brilliant ideas” about how you can make all the difference in 2021 in the lives of others, here’s a pause. Let’s find our sweet spot to celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day in a way that will welcome us into a little haven instead of a hangover.

What sweet spot are you going to land in New Year’s Eve and Day? Maybe a friend invited you to their New Year’s Eve party that you may not attend for COVID reasons. And New Year’s Day, there is the Rose Bowl Parade and viewing all the national championship games that may or may not happen. The irony of it all is, historically, our January 1st started with the Ancient Romans who chose to celebrate on January 1st to honor their Roman god Janus of which January was named.

According to Wikipedia and Britannica, Janus was a god of doorways and gateways, symbolizing control over who passes through. Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The gates of a building in Rome named after him were opened in time of war and closed to mark the arrival of peace; which did not happen very often.

We all wonder who will be walking through that presidential gate and doors this coming January! The irony continues with the fact Janus had two faces—one looking over the past year and the other toward the New Year. This concept and challenges have not really changed much over historical times, except maybe for the type of sports we all watch on that day. Fortunately, those games are no longer fought to the death as in Ancient Roman times when the crowd was dissatisfied with the outcome.

Yet, with what we have seen in the streets of our nation throughout 2020, it seems reminiscent of words we all need to consider from the Declaration of Independence: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” These words reflected in our nation’s history and current events remain a central idea of our nation’s values and foundations. How are you looking on our past year and coming year? No matter what side of the aisle you reside, hopefully, with God’s mercy, fighting to the death won’t be the case in our presidential outcomes coming the month of January, and COVID will slide into the history books.

So, the only thing I encourage you to do besides having loads of fun and relax without getting drunk, is to give some quiet moments for thoughts and words of gratitude for what happened in your life last year. Then speak hope and confidence for the New Year for yourself and all those you care about. You will then be ready to follow your heart with purpose and passion on behalf of others around you and for our nation in 2021.