Education & Child Development . . . Where do we go from here?

One of life areas that can have the greatest impact on our nation is Education & Child Development. How we “train up our children” will weave the future fabric of our nation. What organizations do you support that train young children, teens, and adults to be mature, informed, effective leaders in every field of life?

When educating your children, what comes to mind? For many of us, we simply think of the basics—reading, writing, and arithmetic. Yet, we all know there is much more involved. Just to name a few here, let us not forget those essential basics are the foundation of every profession in private and public service. From those basics, students hopefully advance in their future occupational skills, critical thinking abilities, and contribute to the overall wellbeing of our communities and nation.

Who would ever want to go to a doctor or lawyer who hasn’t garnered those foundational attributes? I know I wouldn’t. Yet, even with limited skills in any profession, one would hope our doctor, lawyer, and educator would be teachable themselves. Hopefully, they would have the maturity, humility, and motivation to continue learning throughout their lives. With these qualities, they would also be skilled listeners who genuinely care and have compassion for those they serve. This is what is essential in the very beginnings of learning, from babies to even us senior adults! Let’s hope, no matter the age, we all retain enthusiasm for discovering the unknown and uncharted, while holding fast to those fundamental skills for life.

Education and child development also must include a strong moral foundation where our children grow up to be mature, informed, and effective leaders. Without a solid moral foundation, our families, neighbors, communities, and nation flounder in a downward spiral of self-centered and destructive behavior toward each other. So, where do you get your core moral foundation? How have you been able to hold on to your core values without compromise?

We all must admit we do compromise on occasion. During those times, it usually means we don’t want any conflict or our comfort zone is challenged. This year, 2020, has undeniably challenged us all in ways we have never imagined. Among many areas, families have had to dig deep into creative ways to keep their children moving ahead in their education and development.

Here are just a few educational/child development components to consider: Curriculum, Homeschooling, Lifeskills, Teacher Support. Keep in mind the term, Lifeskills, doesn’t just mean teaching empathy, cooperation, attitude, and communication skills. What is so needed whether in public, private, or home schools, are the practical workshops in finances, budgeting, car care, cooking, plumbing, and more.

What organizations do you consider supporting that are focused on one or more of these components? Which ones to support will have everything to do with your own moral compass and faith disciplines. Incorporating ethical instruction into our education system can be described as both “visible” curriculum and “hidden” curriculum. Moral education may occur in a prescribed curriculum in such areas as health sciences and hygiene, social studies, economics, biology, literature and the arts. Attention to “hidden” curriculum involves providing a proper moral climate in the schools, even our homes. How the curriculum is taught is as important as what is taught.

Maybe, it’s time to do some more homework on these Educational and Child Development components. Here are resources to consider. Simply do a Google search using the provided terms or go to my website article where hyperlinks are included.

I encourage you to help raise our nation’s children to stand solid on their core values, love learning, and have all voices heard on our campuses around our nation. May your children and our communities experience the much-needed educational guidance and child development support in the months and years ahead.