Business & Legal Issues . . . Where do we go from here?

As we move through each life area that impacts our daily lives, how have you supported your basic core values & life principles? In what ways have you supported those aligned groups and organizations, such as with History/Western Culture, Religious Organizations/Church/Missions, Public Policy/Domestic and International Affairs, and Science/Medicine?

Another life area is Business & Legal Issues. What organizations do you know support and train business leaders and legal advisors to advance integrity, honesty, and excellence in the workplace and our nation’s legal system? Let’s first look locally. When I think about our local businesses, what entities have as their mission to help local businesses survive and thrive, particularly during this COVID-19 year? The first thing that comes to mind is your local chamber of commerce.

For the Boerne, Texas, Chamber of Commerce, their mission is to be “…the voice of business in the Boerne area, speaking on behalf of its many members which employ thousands of people. The Chamber establishes coalitions with other chambers and business organizations. The Chamber focuses on advancing the cause of responsible and progressive economic development in the community and throughout the area.” The chamber also recognizes that “…an enlightened business leadership which recognizes that the best interest of the business community is the same as the long-term best interests of the community-at-large. As a result, the Chamber strives to support initiatives which lead to a prosperous and quality future for the area.”

How has your chamber fulfilled their mission and goals? How do they help connect businesses, particularly when relocating, to the economics of the area, education, government, community history, and local services? Another entity is your local economic development department (EDC). How does their mission and support align with the city and regional business & legal responsibilities? What does your EDC master working plan say?

Speaking of legal responsibilities, what legal issues come to mind when preserving and advancing integrity, honesty, and excellence in the workplace and our nation’s legal system? I wonder which ordinances and laws in our nation, Texas, counties, and cities protect and advance our community’s businesses while preserving essential integrity and excellence. Which ordinances or laws need reforming that have created barriers to businesses to not just survive but thrive?

If you own a business and are struggling to stay afloat, what creative ways has your community helped you stay open? One example relates to restaurants. According to  Larry Collins,  North Texas City Gets Creative to Help Businesses Stay Afloat in COVID-19 Crisis (NBCDFW, April 20, 2020), Colleyville Assistant City Manager mailed every household a gift card that restaurants could redeem for cash back. Along with federal assistance, Scott Cohn’s CNBC July 7, 2020 article, States rush to keep afloat businesses crushed by the pandemic, reported “A CNBC analysis of all 50 states’ economic development efforts shows that every state — no matter how big or how hard-hit by Covid-19 — has created some sort of assistance program to help local companies access resources to deal with the pandemic. Some programs are far more advanced than others.”

With all the questions asked here, maybe it’s time to do some homework to see how we each can stay safe and, at the same time, make life easier for our local businesses. It is my hope when we help here at home it will ripple out across Texas and the nation. I encourage you to do your homework and bring that hope and support to your community in the months and years ahead.