Science & Medicine . . . Where do we go from here?

From our previous article focus, Public Policy/Domestic & international Affairs, what groups or organizations have you discovered that support human justice and compassion in legislation, domestic policy, and international relations? How do their efforts align with your faith and values? In what ways have you started to champion their efforts?

With so many diverse and often polar-opposite positions, from prolife/abortion to conservative/liberal, we just may find ourselves caught in the middle on some issues. We may also be unwavering on certain life areas. We each will need to decide which are most important and have priority related to political platforms versus our values.

This is also true when we look at Science & Medicine. What organizations or resources do you know that seek truth in our universe and life on earth? How do they observe and understand the natural world from a scientific and spiritual perspective?

As with any life area, information offered in this cyberworld age can be questionable at best, bordering on opinion, speculation, and bias. Yet, in the midst we also have available to us more access to what is really happening in science and medicine than at any other time in history. One of the possible blessings of this COVID19 world we currently live in is the accelerating information be broadcast across news and social networks in the US and around the globe. It is, therefore, important for each of us to be cautious about certain perspectives that may have extreme views and inappropriately discount the faith dimensions, credible scientific discoveries, and the principles of macro- and micro- adaptation.

Science – to Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Have you ever visited a museum or science center that inspired you to venture further than you ever imagined? That is what science should do for us all – to think outside of the box. We so often put ourselves in that box with all of life’s daily challenges and what is currently happening in our nation. It just may be time for a visit to a museum or science center to spark renewed interest and hope in the resilience and renewal science endeavors engender.

To prepare your minds and hearts, visit these resources online to see what is awaiting you. Keep in mind, that our history/prehistory, culture, public policies, and our relationships around the nation and globe play a major role inspiring us to reach beyond the boundaries of our current science and discovery. Start to support those areas of science that have a comprehensive and balanced mission of discovery for humanity’s benefit.


National Geographic

National Science Foundation


Archeological Institute of America

Medicine – Healthcare’s Emerging Dilemma & Transformation

When it comes to our nation’s healthcare, COVID-19 has propelled us to dig deep into how our doctors are currently struggling to find a path of healing and wellness for all of us as patients. As patients, we each are now being challenged to look closely at our daily lives and how we are at time our own worst wellness enemy. How we move our bodies, eat, and handle stress has taken on a whole new meaning.

Are you ready to make some major changes to improve your health and wellbeing? As worthy as losing a few pounds can be, it is not going to get us where we need to be in the months and years ahead. With previous articles, I have covered in length about the dilemma and emerging transformation of our nation’s healthcare system. This paradox has been going on for several generations. Yet, I tend to believe COVID-19 has brought it all to the forefront of our future healthcare practices.

You and your doctor will be the ones who need to have that conversation as this transformation continues to evolve. Here are resources to check out. Do your own homework related to your specific healthcare needs for both body and soul. Then talk with your family, your doctor, your pastor. By your personal commitment, you just may find your doctor is changing his or her way of doing healthcare right in your own neighborhood and improving the lives of others around you. Begin to be proactive and surprise your doctor on several fronts!

Also, choose what local and national organizations, groups, and businesses support your own personal goals for health & wellbeing as well as for others. May your body, soul, and spirit be healed and renewed from this time forward.

How We Move

US Dept. of Health & Human Services – Physical Activity

How We Eat

US Dept. of Health & Human Services – Dietary Guidelines for Americans

USDHHS – Current Eating Patterns of Americans

US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) The Economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources & Rural America – Amber Waves

USDA-Food Choices/Health

USDA-A Shift to Healthier Diets Likely To Affect Use of Natural Resources

USDA-U.S. fruit imports grew by $8.9 billion over the last decade to meet rising demand

How We Handle Stress

Book – Changing for Good involves six stages of transformation (source: Changing for Good by James O. Prochaska, PhD,

American Heart Association-3 Tips to Manage Stress

Integrative Healthcare

Integrative Health Policy Consortium & new Congressional Integrative Health And Wellness Caucus

Integrative Medicine: A Clinican’s Journal

Duke Integrative Medicine

Evolution of Medicine

National Wellness Institute

University of Michigan-Healing Foods Pyramid

National Medicines Research database