Public Policy, Domestic & International Affairs . . . Where do we go from here?

As you explore our nation’s history and culture to see where you can support your faith, values, and life principles in these turbulent times, let’s now focus on Public Policy/Domestic & International Affairs. What groups or organizations do you know that support human justice and compassion in legislation, domestic policy, and international relations?

While private organizations and groups abound that reach out with compassion for our fellow human beings, I believe the kind of legislation and policies set forth by our government, whether local, state, or national, will impact most everything in our communities and lives.

How do you line up with so many diverse and often polar-opposite positions? . . . such as prolife/abortion, traditional/progressive values, police support/defunding, gun rights/gun control, border control/open borders, legal/illegal immigration, tax breaks/higher taxes, military support/military downsizing, reduced business regulations/increased regulations, voter ID/open voting, smaller government/bigger government, less control-mandates/more control-mandates, term limits/against term limits, capitalism/socialism, conservative/liberal, free speech/political correctness, law & order/disruption & destruction.

I can bet many of us find ourselves having mixed positions on any one of these issues. Who gets the best deal and pays their fair share? What combination serves the highest humane provision and our nation’s protection? We each will need to decide which are most important and have priority.

Challenging Choices

With that reality in mind, these areas of public policy, domestic and international affairs are more important now than any time in our nation’s destiny. My hope is whether at the local, state, national, or global level, we will choose representatives who will legislate laws, national policies, and influence our global relations with the values and sacred documents established by our founding fathers and those who followed them. No matter how flawed our founders and past representatives may have been, they were dedicated to establishing a free and responsible nation and sacrificed their lives for the freedom and opportunities we have today. Are we willing to do the same?

With that challenge, let’s review our upcoming elections and those candidates who will be creating those laws, public policies, and impacting global relations. As most everyone knows, 2020 presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will vote on December 14, 2020.

We should also be fully aware of the incredible numbers of seats open this year for numerous federal, state, and local elections. For federal and state levels, elections will include US Senators (35 seats=Republicans 23, Democrats 12), House of Representatives (all 435 congressional districts across 50 US states!!), and Governors (11 states & two territories).

With our nation’s 59th presidential election, voters and electors will choose as president and vice president either incumbents Donald Trump and Mike Pence (Republican ticket), Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (Democrat ticket), Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen (Libertarian ticket), or Howie Hawkins and Angela Nicole Walker (Green Party ticket). How do their platforms size up to your values?

Platforms vs Values

With incredibly diverse and wide-spread differences in platforms for each party, how do we even begin to weigh the outcome consequences? Maybe we should all give ourselves a break from the media mania and biases to dig deeper ourselves. First, how about revisiting your own faith and core values to see how they match up with the various party platforms? Here are the links with each party’s platform overview.

Republican Party Platform 2020 (adopted 2016 platform)

Democratic Party Platform 2020

Libertarian Party Platform 2020

Green Party Platform 2020


Once you determine which platform supports your own faith, core values, and life principles, you can move on to checking endorsements. Those who endorse a candidate provide helpful clues to how candidates align with your values as well.

Now it’s time for you to check out the Congressional Voting Records and Roll Call Votes. For those who live in Texas, you can also review candidate information and election process at the Texas Secretary of State website.

You are encouraged to continue discovering where your values are supported in Public Policy, Domestic & International Affairs. As you vote accordingly, know whatever decisions you may make will have significant, even life-changing, impact on our communities and lives. I know we are all busy with life and daily challenges. Yet are you willing to take the time for our nation’s future? I truly hope so.

The focus for next time will be on Science & Medicine. What organizations do you know that seek truth in our universe and life on earth? How do they observe and understand the natural world from a scientific and spiritual perspective?