Where do we go from here?, part 2

As we continue to COVID adjust and shift what we each need to do moment to moment, where we go from here will depend on each of us proactively caring for ourselves as we seek those we can help right here in our community and around the country.

Remember those four Realms of Reality in part one? As individuals, we have our subjective selves “I”…our mental, emotional, and spiritual reality, where our beliefs, motives and intentions are formed. We have our objective selves “It”…our behavior, where our physical body and physiology are impacted by our behavior.

As a collective “We”, we live in a culture building relationships, community, and collective values. We also have our “Its” where societal interaction with systems and institutions impact just about every area of our lives. All four realms of reality interactively play out in our relationships with how we share our core values each day. All our lives are impacted by what we believe, how we behave, the culture we live in, and the societal systems and institutions that control most aspects of our lives.

Every conversation we have within these realms of reality and relationships need to be built on the foundation of nurturing these three basic human needs: TO BE ACCEPTED, TO BE SECURE, TO BE SIGNIFICANT.

Again, where do you feel unaccepted, insecure, and insignificant? Begin there to bring hope and help to someone else in the very areas you have struggled with yourself.

What are your Core Values And Life Principles that encourage hope in others?

With your core values as the foundation, there are other areas impacting these four realms of reality needing our attention. Let’s start with Religious Organizations. What religious organizations, including churches and missions, support your faith and desire for compassionate and practical outreach to humanity?

For me, as a Christian, my own church is proactive in just about every lifeskill area, from marriage, divorce, finances, parenting, local and world missions, just to name a few. They are even highly active with Habitat for Humanity. So, I don’t need to go very far to know I am supporting my core values and life principles through their multifaceted efforts at home and abroad. There are also ministry organizations making all the difference in people’s lives in our nation and around the world, such as Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, and Voice of the Martyrs. Of course, with any organization you are thinking of supporting with your time, money, or materials, it is important to vet them for integrity and financial transparency.

As you consider where you support your core values with your faith, the next article will focus on History & Western Culture. Knowing our full history and understanding our western culture we all live in, can help you choose what organizations support your values and principles in global human affairs and lessons of history.