Where do we go from here?, part 1

When you look around to what is happening in our nation, there is one life lesson we all need to start with. When we know the fullness of our past, recognize our present state, we then can have the greatest chance to move forward together into the future.

Also, before we each begin to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the need in front of us at every level of society and life, we need to ask ourselves, “What do I have in my own circle of influence to remedy with the gifts God has given me on behalf of my neighbor, community, and nation?”

Getting Practical & Proactive

Where we go from here will depend on each of us proactively seeking those we can help right here at home in our community, and around the country. Where do we begin? First, let’s put our own biases in perspective and think outside of our political boxes. Let’s not allow the media to continually evoke outrage and social media tirades from us. Conversation and respectful, open dialogue is always helpful but not the fiery blasts belched out breaking any chance of a constructive and balanced dialogue to emerge.

Let’s get practical. What is your conversation like? What are you already doing to extend compassion and love to those around you, those you disagree with, or may even see as an enemy? All our lives are being impacted by what we believe, how we behave, the culture we live in, and the societal systems and institutions that control most aspects of our lives. Let’s look at those realms of reality.

Realms of Reality We Live In

We all live in basically four realms of reality in our relationships as defined by Kenneth E. Wilber, Jr. American philosopher. As individuals, we have our subjective selves “I”…our mental, emotional, and spiritual reality, where our beliefs, motives and intentions are formed. We have our objective selves “It”…our behavior, where our physical body and physiology are impacted by our behavior.

As a collective “We”, we live in a culture building relationships, community, and collective values. We also have our “Its” where societal interaction with systems and institutions impact just about every area of our lives. All four realms of reality interactively play out in our relationships with how we share our core values each day.

Keep in mind, according to Dr. Neil T. Anderson (source: The Bondage Breaker, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers. 2006), we also have three basic human needs essential for seeking, reaching, and achieving the highest core values in all realms of relationships:


Where do you feel unaccepted, insecure, and insignificant? Simply begin there to bring hope and help to someone else in the very areas you have struggled with yourself. You will both then experience acceptance, security, and significance together. This is a great beginning and makes it all very personal.

These very personal basic needs have everything to do with how we see ourselves, others, even God. These needs also drive how we treat each other and the degree of stress affecting our health and wellbeing. These needs will also determine areas in our communities and nation where meeting these needs are vital for healing, reform, restoration, and revitalization.

Our Basic Core Values & Life Principles

With understanding the realms of reality we all live in, along with our three basic human needs, let’s get to work. How about starting with your Basic Core Values and Life Principles that encourage and support the family, home, and core human values. Where are your core values seen in your neighborhood, community, nation?

What areas of life has someone stepped up to help you? Was the help from an individual, organization, business, government, institution, ministry, or a combination? Maybe, not only the area(s) you struggle with, but also the area(s) where you were helped and comforted are the area(s) you are most passionate about.

Also, think about how you already support those values in your neighborhood, community, and nation. Whether you contribute time, money, or materials, there are individuals in your neighborhood, our nation, and world that need your help.

When I think about those areas of human need I have struggled with, I try to reach out to those who have been abused as a child or adult with the hope and healing I experienced from my faith in God and help from others. I also have a life-long passion to help others gain their highest wellness potential by sharing my own story of healing and the health disciplines learned from others.

With your core values as the foundation, there are other areas impacting these four realms of reality needing our attention. In the next few articles, these other life-impacting areas will be covered—Religious organizations, History/Western Culture, Public Policy/Domestic & international Affairs, Science/Medicine, Business & Legal Issues, Education/Child Development, Media/Entertainment/Cultural Discernment, Social Ministries, Implementing/Mobilizing Leaders.

As you celebrate our nation’s 4th of July, wrap your thoughts and conversation around ways your family and friends can heal and preserve the nation we all cherish.