COVID-19 & Racial Divide Redemptive Road

Between COVID-19 and the tragic circumstances of George Floyd’s death igniting protests and violence across our nation, many of us are now wondering, “What is coming next?” We could all fall into that hopeless trap of despair. We can also continue to hide in our homes or choose a different path. We can each decide to be part of the healing for both COVID-19 and our nation’s lingering racial divide.

While the media and social networks continue to deliver with “anything that bleeds will lead” in the news, where is the good news? When it comes to the protests and violence popping up, I decided to search out some good news on both racial and COVID fronts.

Our Redemptive Racial Road

On the racial road, some good news came from, believe it or not, Good Morning America. TJ Holmes was right on target acknowledging that “every newscast today is going to start with something on fire, of smoke in the street, of a window being smashed, of somebody running out of the store with a stack of tennis shoe boxes. But there is something else I want you to see right now…images that may not be as dramatic but more powerful, because they show us accurately who we are and who we can be.”

In acknowledgment of the goodness of people, Holmes added that “It is important to point out, that those images we are showing, we shouldn’t treat them like they are the anomaly or exception to the rule. They are just not the ones coming through a lot of times. But there are thousands of people on the streets around this country . . . most of what’s happening is peaceful, anger is there, but people are good folks.”

A few “good folk” examples include a row of black men locking arms to protect a police officer separated from his unit, policemen walking with angry but peaceful protestors, and a large row of white women putting themselves between police and protestors to protect police.

Then add other instances I found across our nation where even in Fargo, North Dakota, protestors and police began to talk with each other, cry with each other, laugh with each other. Protesters gathered at Miami police headquarters, where earlier law enforcement from multiple agencies joined protesters to kneel one knee in prayer in front of Coral Gables City Hall. Among the heartbreak, hope rises!

Add to the thousands of “good folk” a large number of Minneapolis volunteers who came out to help neighbors clean up business damage, saying, “Bring a broom.” Even, George Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd, cried, knelt in prayer, and led the crowd through a series of chants, “Peace on the left, justice on the right.”

So, how about giving a look? Begin searching out and sharing what others are doing to bring together both justice and peace. And how about being one of those “good folk” out there? As TJ Holmes was hoping to do with his video news clip, let us all help balance the tragic events before our eyes with the redemptive care and compassion all around us. Isn’t it time? Haven’t we learned the simple truths and priorities from our COVID-19 lockdown so far? We just may be able to deeply listen to what we all need to hear, as hard as that is, to heal the divide and unify our hearts.

Remember, this is not a political divide but a human heart issue person to person. Each of us has a responsibility to put aside our biases and bridge humanity’s gap along this redemptive road. It begins right in our own homes and neighborhoods.

This redemptive road we are on will spotlight many other transformative opportunities, including how COVID-19 has catapulted our nation’s healthcare system toward a transformation long needed for both doctors and patients.
The next article coming your way will focus on a sideway benefit of COVID-19. Our Redemptive Road via COVID-19 is happening right now in the transformation of our nation’s healthcare system. Yes, I do believe there is definitely a “silver lining” coming our way propelled by the COVID road we are stilling traveling on. Find out with the next article.