The Grand Experiment . . . Easing Back In, part 1

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As doctors and data continue to qualify how Texas and our nation reopens for business, let’s find out what our local Texas businesses and nonprofits are doing to ease back in to our “new normal.” Although CDC and Texas health authorities provide guidelines, business owners or nonprofit leaders each have their own practical perspective on how they may ease back in from COVID-19.

Art World from Johny Rosa, “Texas Treasures Fine Art

“Part of running a business is being blessed by supporters. When the government keeps that from happening you must be creative in finding ways to still reach your supporters. The hustle never stops for a passionate business believer (owner).”

Real Estate World from Stephanie Scott, “Phyllis Browning Company

“For the benefit of both the Sellers and the Buyers, I clearly communicate the necessary rules to follow while viewing a property, beginning with following the applicable guidelines. In addition, one Seller may require the Buyer and agent to wear a face mask, gloves, and shoe covers while another Seller may only require a facemask. I explain that following a Seller’s request is also for the Buyer’s benefit and we will follow the Sellers’ requirements. I also carry antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in both the front and back seat of my car for use after each property viewing. The main point is to do the best we can to protect and prevent the spreading of the virus to either Seller or Buyer.”

Healthcare/Pharmacy World from Dr. Leigh Ann Greenberg, RPh, “Annies Rx

“Curbside has been working so well for our customers and employees, that we plan on maintaining this through the end of May unless future orders prohibit this. We continue to include an Immune Support flyer with all purchases to educate and remind what can be done from the inside out.”

Church World from Pastor Jason Brown, “1910 Church

“We’ve not made any definitive decisions at this time. We want to continue to exercise prudence as we move ahead. Our local government has done a great job leading us thus far, and we want to continue to do our part to restore this community.”

Interior Design World from Rob Kendrick, “Catrina’s Interiors

“In line with recommendations from public health professionals as well as local, state and federal officials, we want to keep our communities safe and healthy. Our Custom Furniture Store and Interior Design Center is now open for shopping by appointment. Call us today to schedule your private in-store visit. We provide free masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance. In-home design consultations can also be reserved and our furniture delivery services continue to operate safely.”

More “easing back in” businesses and nonprofits coming with next article. In the meantime, you can check out the Texas Governor’s latest “Open Texas Report” (4/27/2020) for easing back in for businesses, organizations, customers, and individuals.