Forgot to Say Thank You?

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(Best of Celebrating Your Journey – November 26, 2010)

To all my readers: With 2019, the 14th year of my Celebrating Your Journey blog articles, “From the Heart” byline, I will be offering the “Best of the Best” articles you found helpful through the years. Many thanks to everyone who have given input and followed along w/ each month’s lifeskill—Relationships/Core Values, Time Mgt, Career/Money Mgt, Recordkeeping, Possessions, Housekeeping, Wellness, Meals, Childcare, Recreation/ Entertainment, Reflection, and Celebration. For my new readers, may these lifeskill articles offer you encouragement, insight, and commitment to seek, reach, and achieve your life dreams and goals in synergy.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, did you really forget to say thank you to those special ones? If so, be not dismayed. Here’s your chance again. Let’s cover a variety of ways you can make someone feel special. From a simple card or phone call to a trip around the globe, let your imagine take off (that is, as long as your budget can handle it)!

A thank you does not have to involve financial cost. Yet, if that’s what you want to do, you feel it’s the right thing to do, and have the money for it, by all means, go for it. When you really know that person, you will recognize what special thing to do or give. And, remember, a simple thank you is often just the right thing to do and touches the heart and life.

In addition, spending time putting something together yourself for that person often means more than buying an expensive gift. Or, just simply express in some way that you understand and care about what they face each day. So, don’t think a phone call of thanks or a card w/ a personal note has significantly less impact than gifting them a trip to the Castles in Ireland! Believe me, it doesn’t.

Here are just some basic ways to say thank you to get you started:

  • Always verbally communicate appreciation/thank you whenever you can.
  • Write a short letter or “thank you” note (sending online greeting cards personally designed by you works too). Small “thank you” note card, even regular stationary are personal ways to show our gratitude. Give a small, inexpensive gift, when appropriate, either purchased or made yourself.
  • Treat the person to a meal, a movie, or just a favorite snack.
  • If you want to spend a bit more money, consider taking out an advertisement in the local paper; but make sure the public message is appropriate and won’t unduly embarrass the person.

Each person impacts your life in different ways. A friend may give you a loan at a time when it was greatly needed. Your boss may have shown his appreciation of your work with time-off or a bonus. Your kids may have surprised you after coming home from work with the house all cleaned up. You know, it is possible! Your doctor may have helped you improve your health. Your husband may surprise you with a romantic dinner he actually cooked at home for you (and the kids are sleeping overnight at a friend’s house too). There are all kinds of possibilities that can shine during your daily life.

Below are those lifeskills I coach/consult client on that cover just about anything you may being doing each day. I bet there is someone (family, friend, co-worker, neighbor, even a stranger) who has made all the difference for you in each area. Read through each lifeskill and choose a person who has touched your life in that area. And if it turns out to be yourself in some area, by all mean include “you” in the thank you. Then start planning those thanks soon. If there is someone who may no longer be with us, think about someone within their family or friend to share your thank you and gratitude.

  1. Relationships/Core Values: (Who has been exceptionally supportive of your core values and relationship? How would you like to say thank you?)
  2. Time Management: (What person has made your days go more smoothly, saving you time and energy? How would you like to say thank you?)
  3. Career/Money Management: (Who in your professional/personal life has significantly impacted your career opportunities and ability to wisely manage your finances? How would you like to say thank you?)
  4. Recordkeeping: (Who has helped you maintain thorough and accurate records to preserve your integrity? How would you like to say thank you?)
  5. Possessions: (What person has kept you clearly focused on simplifying your life and possessions, helping you keep your priorities in balance? How would you like to say thank you?)
  6. Housekeeping: (Who has kept your home clean and clutter-free more than anyone? How would you like to say thank you?)
  7. Wellness: (Who has encouraged you the most to pursue and sustain your health and well-being? How would you like to say thank you?)
  8. Meals: (Who makes most of the meals and works at making them not only nutritious but also appetizing and enjoyable? How would you like to say thank you?)
  9. Childcare: (Who contributes the most in taking care of the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual needs of your children or those of a family or friend?) How would you like to say thank you?
  10. Recreation/Entertainment: (Who has made all the difference in encouraging you to have wholesome fun on a routine basis; and/or help plan and have fun together? How would you like to say thank you?)
  11. Reflection: (Who helps you keep things in perspective and your life in balance? How would you like to say thank you?)
  12. Celebration: (Who always helps you celebrate a win in your life and just makes every day a celebration in some way? How would you like to say thank you?)

As you share your thanks, don’t be surprised if you get a few yourself along the way. It’s always sweet to give and receive.