Taking Care of Your Possessions . . . how do you identify?

Best of Celebrating Your Journey – May 20, 2016)

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With all the gender identity confusion going on in our nation right now, I thought I would give you my take on who takes care of your possessions, or not. Yep, you read right. I by no means want to demean this complex and very personal issue facing our nation’s people.

Yet, I couldn’t help myself see the lighter side of life on this. Can you go with me on this lighter version for a few minutes? I hope so. If not, I offer my apologies in advance for offending anyone’s sensibilities.

Here’s a question for you. How do you identify yourself when it comes to changing the A/C filters, or washing clothes, or mowing the lawn?

Do you say to your spouse “I just don’t identify with doing the dishes or laundry. It just doesn’t feel right for me to do them!” You may also say, “I identify more with going out to eat and simply buying more clothes instead of washing the ones I already have. It just makes life more comfortable for me.”

If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we all know we have used that kind of logic on more than one occasion, right? I know I have. I confess when it comes to vacuuming the house and dusting the shades I find all kinds of sincere reasons why I feel my spouse is much more capable for those duties. I explain it’s hard moving the furniture, and he is much taller so he can more easily reach the top of the shades. I do volunteer to pick up any clothes on the floor and even move the lighter furniture to help him take care of those chores meant for someone else. Sound familiar?

Or are there some out there who simply decide to do your own thing even if those close to you would struggle with your “chore identity” decision? For the moment, I choose to be your advocate in one way. Yes, we all have distinct personalities that often direct the way we do things and with some things we don’t do. One personality may have skills that shine when working with numbers. So, that person may end up balancing the check book or holding the family to the budget. Another personality may definitely need others to share doing a particular job because relationships are really more important than the job to get done.

So, when it comes to any “chore identity” issue, there are some factors involved that may be relevant to consider. It is actually a very positive thing to constructively guide someone’s personality and skills to those chores that best suit them. That doesn’t mean other chores get ignored. Those chores are necessary and need to get done no matter how “out of sync” with your psyche or frustrating they may be.

Isn’t the bottom line for us all to get along?

Isn’t fostering harmony and helpful relationships more important than possessions. If it is, then taking care of those possessions can actually tighten the bond of those relationships. So, the next time you feel a “chore identity” crisis coming on, remember to cherish those around you as you both whistle while you work together.