Relationships—Getting to the Core

Relationships—Getting to the Core

(Best Celebrating Your Journey, “From the Heart”)

Hello 2019! With starting my 14th year of “From the Heart” byline, I decided to offer the “Best of the Best” articles readers found helpful through the years, from 2006 to 2018. My many thanks to readers who have given their input and followed along with each lifeskill through the years—Relationships/Core Values, Time Mgt, Career/Money Mgt, Recordkeeping, Possessions, Housekeeping, Wellness, Meals, Childcare, Recreation/Entertainment, Reflection, and Celebration.

And a hearty hello to any new readers! May these lifeskill articles offer you encouragement, insight, and commitment to seek, reach, and achieve your life dreams and goals in synergy. Here’s the first one from January 2011 for this month’s lifeskill, Relationships/Core Values. And if you remember an article you particularly enjoyed, send me your request for re-posting.

Best of the Best-Relationships & Core Values

From conception to our final days, we are all influenced by the many relationships we experience in life. Do you sometimes wonder where your values come from and where they take you?

Most prominent influences are Family, Faith, and Friendships. Also, consider what key conditions and events in your life have impacted the decisions you have made. Write down your own response to how each area has shaped your values in life. Along with Family, Faith, and Friendships, other areas include Career/Co-workers, Culture/Society/Global, Genetic Predisposition, Media (including Internet), Neighborhood/Community, Self-determination/Choices, and even those you consider your enemies.
Are you ready to take the first step in building solid core values that are at the heart of all relationships, and everything you do each day?

For most of us, we don’t spend much time thinking about what we believe and why we do what we do. We typically live each day on autopilot. Even when we try to set goals for next month, next year, or in five years, we get stuck. We get stuck because we haven’t connected our “to do” list in life (that often times haunt us) with what really motivates and drives the choices we make.

Yet, when we do make the connection, our dreams and goals become a natural flow of who we are and where we are going. We begin to know we are in the right place at the right time throughout the journey. Yes, there are moments when it won’t feel like it. However, it really doesn’t affect our clarity of who we are. Again, as the last article mentioned, we hold close those three basic human needs and freely share them with others . . .




We are willing to stay the course into the unknown and be flexible with the ups and downs of life that come our way. Remember, my “slinky” axiom? “Life is sometimes like a stretched out Slinky. This classic toy reminds us that in life we all have ups and downs. We will also sometimes feel like we are going around in circles. But be of good cheer, look a little closer…you are still moving forward!”

Are you now ready to shift out of autopilot into conscious awareness and action? If so, it’s time to claim your top ten core values for your life and wrap all your relationships around them. Write your top ten values down, speak them to your spouse or close trusted friend. Ask for feedback.

These ten core values represent those motivating characteristics you embrace when living your life with integrity and on purpose. These core values will impact your overall life balance as well as those lifeskills experienced every day—choice of friends, the way you use your time, career option, how you handle your money, keep records, buy and take care of your possessions, handle housekeeping routines, wellness, meals, childcare, how you play, reflect and celebrate your life each day.

During the coming week, place your core values you have written down on your refrigerator, in your car, on your desk, in your purse or wallet . . . wherever you will see them most often. Reflect on each one and see what thoughts surface about your relationships that demonstrate any one or more of your core values.