Powerful Questions for 2018 . . . Week 46

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With such beautifully arrayed Fall colors upon us, let’s consider the next set of questions for week forty-six of 2018, challenging us with this month’s Reflection lifeskill. These questions are offered by Bob Tiede at At Leading With Questions, from wisdom leaders around the nation and world.*

*Source: Marc Chernoff’s list of questions,
Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself in 2018.

Question 1: What’s the best part of being you?

This question opens up all kinds of possibilities! But, being the humble person I am, I will try to keep the list to a minimum! Oops, I guess declaring myself as a humble person is an oxymoron or at least a human paradox, you think?! The best part of being myself is when I feel comfortable and accepting of myself as I am, human frailties and all.

Question 2: What is your happiest memory?

Although I can think of many happy memories, the happiest was when my daughters were born. I can still picture them as little babies and toddlers. Oh, so cute, curious, and instantly lovable.

Question 3: What is your saddest memory?

Again, like most of us, I have had many sad and grieving memories throughout my life. Yet, two of the saddest were when we got a phone call that my husband’s 17-year-old brother, Michael, was killed in a bicycle/car accident. The other was when his other 20-year-old brother, Charlie, committed suicide.

Even today, as I remember Michael and Charlie as such wonderful brothers and human beings, the sadness sometimes feels like these tragedies only recently happened, not over 50 years ago.

Question 4: What do you do over and over again that you hate doing?

There are times that still sneak up on me when I overreact to something I have done. I still occasionally feel I just don’t measure up to someone’s expectations. I learned many years ago and continue to relearn each day it is ok to make mistakes and when others are disappointed with me.

With childhood abuse, the lingering memories do pop up now and again trying to make me feel responsible for making everyone happy. I went through years of therapy to finally arrive for the most part on the other side. That is why it feels so good at times when I am simply content with who I am.

Question 5: What are you waiting for? How are you writing your life’s story?

I already wrote and published it, In Daddy’s Eyes! Maybe I should add another chapter? It has been about 17 years and now in my 70’s. I think I will instead focus on the rest of my story with writing opportunities that come my way. Hopefully, they will be published and/or posted on my Celebrating Your Journey website for my readers to follow as years keep flying by.

Question 6: What do you think about when you lie awake in bed?

Since each day is full of all kinds of writing, weaving, and web creating, I try to focus on other things that disconnect me from the day’s busyness. I listen to relaxing music, thank God for the gift of another day, and look out through the window at the rustling leaves as Fall shows its wonders.

Question 7: What makes love last?

One of the greatest gifts we can give to make love last is to teach and model enduring love to our children. Then when the challenges and crises come, they will be able to be sustained by the love they personally observed and experienced throughout their young, growing years.

Now, it’s your turn again to describe the best part of being you, your happiest memory, your saddest memory, what you do over and over again that you hate, writing your life’s story, what you think about when you lie awake in bed, and making love last when you think of “Reflection” and your life.