Powerful Questions for 2018 . . . Week 16

Now in the third week of April springtime, let’s see how we respond to seven questions for week sixteen of 2018, challenging us with this month’s lifeskill, Recordkeeping. These questions and others for this month offer us a chance to recognize that recordkeeping isn’t just about our finances or our long to-do list. Memories tucked away need to be an important part of our life’s recordings. These questions are offered by Bob Tiede at At Leading With Questions, from wisdom leaders around the nation and world.*

*Source: Marc Chernoff’s list of questions,
Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself in 2018.

Question 1: If I could grant you one wish what would you wish for?

That whatever opportunities and challenges come my way, I may choose wisely the opportunities. And with confidence, compassion, and care win over any challenges.

Question 2: If you left this life tomorrow, how would you be remembered?

Here’s a similar question from Week 3 (Jan 19), “What’s the one thing you’d like others to remember about you at the end of your life?” My answer was “That somehow, despite my own human frailties, I gave others hope, faith, and love that was unconditional.” Yet, this question posed today has a little twist to it – “…how would you be remembered?”

The twist to both questions is wrapped up in how I would want to be remembered versus how I would actually be remembered. So, I am going to leave my own response with hopeful anticipation; and have others write their own memories of me when the time comes.
Just so you know, I anticipate that time to be many, many years from now! I would love to reach my 100th birthday in excellent health and wellbeing. How about also passing this life during a sweet nighttime sleep? How about you?!

Question 3: What do you owe yourself?

The only way I could know what I owe myself is to know at any moment I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing for myself and others. The desire for myself is to live a good life, a life of freedom, of love, of giving to those in need. I also owe myself to live a life of integrity and joy in the calling and responsibility I believe I was put on this earth to accomplish.

Question 4: What would your ‘priceless’ Mastercard-style commercial be?

A joyful, happy heart money can’t buy. Yet, when it comes to groceries, gasoline, your gastroenterologist bill, Mastercard makes it a little easier to smile when your budget is in a bind at the moment!

Question 5: What’s the difference between settling for things and accepting the way things are?

There is a big difference between “settling” and “accepting.” When I think about settling for things, at first it feels like I am hitting a brick wall with something or someone. I don’t want to settle for things the way they are. Yet, that brick wall isn’t budging and settling for now is probably for the best. Until something changes, the stress would hopefully be much less for a time. The word, “settling,” also reminds me of times I had to compromise to gain some peace in a situation.

Looking at the word, “accepting,” it is like a companion to letting go, getting beyond “settling.” Accepting the way things are helps me get free from fighting to gain ground in a situation I just cannot win right now. Settling leaves room for lingering frustration. Accepting releases myself and others to go on our way. Hopefully, the situation may later change on its own, or we both have changed in some way for the better.

Question 6: What stands between you and happiness?

My attitude, words, and behavior. All must line up and agree with each other to allow happiness to emerge. I personally prefer the word, joy, in place of happiness. Happiness tends to tempt us to depend on things. Joy, on the other hand, can be an enduring companion no matter what the circumstance. Let’s choose joy, ok?

Question 7: What recent memory makes you smile the most?

When my best friend, Carolyn, moved back to Boerne. She will be moving into her beautiful cottage in the months ahead. So excited to help her move in and celebrate her homecoming.

Now, it’s your turn again, with a Springtime in your step!