Powerful Questions for 2018 . . . Week 15

Now in the second week of April springtime, let’s see how we respond to seven questions for week fifteen of 2018, challenging us with this month’s lifeskill, Recordkeeping. These questions are offered by Bob Tiede at At Leading With Questions, from wisdom leaders around the nation and world.*

*Source: Marc Chernoff’s list of questions,
Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself in 2018.

Question 1: Is there such a thing as perfect?

If we were looking at the whole of life and humanity, perfect doesn’t exist. For those of us holding on to our faith and trust in God, we could easily say God is the only one perfect in every way. With trust, we are also invited to believe God can turn our imperfections or messes into beautiful life messages. That is about as close as we get to perfection within ourselves on this side of heaven.

I am glad perfect doesn’t exist for us humans here on planet earth. Otherwise, we would all be the biggest snobs around this globe! Our blatant superiority would be the downfall of humanity, most definitely. I would much rather relax in my imperfections, so I can more kindly and humbly relate to my neighbors, family, and friends alike. Another paradox about us humans and our attempts at reaching for perfect, it’s really nice to simply feel satisfied with an accomplishment. Even if not perfect on anyone else’s scale of perfection, it is still more than ok with me. How about you? Do you struggle trying to always reach for perfection and never find that satisfying sweet spot?

Question 2: To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

Life is constantly handing us surprises along the way . . . good, bad, and ugly. Yet, along the way we all have a choice to make at any moment in time how we respond. I believe that is where I do have control on the course my life takes. For with every choice, there is a corresponding action. There is then always the possibility of a new path that takes me to the destination my surprise and choice gave me. How about pondering what choices you are making when life surprises show up? Where will your choice take you? And do you really want to go there?

Question 3: What do you imagine yourself doing ten years from now?

I remember a similar question from Week Eight for Time Management lifeskill (Feb 23). “Based on your current daily actions and routines, where would you expect to be in five years?” I really can’t imagine doing anything different in ten years (BTW-I will be 83 in ten years!!). I hope I will still be enjoying my home and family, writing about things that interest me and my readers, and weaving my latest, greatest creative idea.

The one to remind youQuestion 4: Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?

This is an unfair question! Old memories are too precious to forget, and new memories make life much more enjoyable. The question makes me sad to think about those I know who are struggling with memory loss as they age. So I would rather spend my time finding ways to help us all keep our memories and plan new ones!

Question 5: Is it ever right to do the wrong thing? Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?

Haven’t we all done a wrong thing for the right reason? The same is true when we are determined to do the right thing, but the outcome turns out wrong. Our best intentions often fall short with both scenarios. My own question here is “What are you calling a wrong thing and right thing?” Without context of the topic, situation, or relationship, this question is a hard one to answer. In spite of the unknowns, I would prefer to not ever do a wrong thing or a right thing that harms someone. So, I leave you with doing right for the right thing. Otherwise, hold off doing anything until you can.

Question 6: If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?

Since I wrote my own true story a number of years ago, the title would be the same, In Daddy’s Eyes. The story reflects my journey toward healing and wholeness. From shadows and secrets my story would hopefully reflect a life of forgiving and being forgiven. May those who walked with me celebrate a life well lived. And as mentioned in my January 19, Week 3 article, “That somehow, despite my own human frailties, I gave others hope, faith, and love that was unconditional.”

Question 7: What is your greatest challenge?

After 73 years and still counting, it seems my greatest challenge sometimes depends on the day! So, I guess the one constant challenge is to remain steadfast being the person God wants me to be. A daily challenge for God, that’s for sure!
Now, it’s your Springtime turn again!

Now, it’s your Springtime turn again!