An Acrostic Reflection

Since November is the lifeskill month for Reflection and celebrating Thanksgivings, how about a short acrostic rendition of the word, reflection? Hope this takes you down a sweet memory lane for a few moments. May it inspire you to hold on to those sweet childhood memories.

May you also find yourself sharing a heart of gratitude with those you love and strangers alike this Thanksgiving. This will be the second shortest article by far in the 12 years I have been writing From the Heart! The shortest was my Thanksgiving acrostic rendition back in 2012 . . . which I just may resurrect for this month’s attitude of gratitude month!




  • REMEMBER when you last recalled

  • ENDURING moments of enchantment

  • FOUND in the laughter of your first childhood friend.

  • LOST in the wonder and innocence of two young lives

  • EVER believing the wonder would never end.

  • CHILDLIKE play reminisced and filled with gleeful chatter

  • TILL you turn and look in the mirror of wrinkles and time.

  • I NTRUDING on such childhood bliss wistfully inspired

  • OFFENDED by the interruption, you declare, “It’s official!” 

  • NOT one sweet memory will vanish from any moment of REFLECTION, NEVER!