What can we say to this doctor?, part 3

As we continue to review the “facts” of history to help us more accurately respond to a doctor’s newsletter sent to me, let us pause awhile here. For this part of the series I was initially going to jump to the 1960s when things again shifted, politically and nationally. It seemed like our nation was about to crumble during that decade as we faced some of its greater challenges and tragedies. Sound familiar for today?


So, let’s reflect on where we are right now. We will jump to the 1960s in part four. For those who missed part one and two, I encourage you to start there before reading on. For those following along, you were probably at a point anyway of asking, “Why are you covering all this history?” My answer is, “The only way to learn from history is to know it.” How else are we going to know how to respond to someone like my dear doctor I mentioned in the previous two articles?

As we contend with our nation’s discord today, we are also experiencing one of our nation’s most tragic natural disasters with Harvey hurricane. My hope and prayer is, as it was in the 1960s, that we are also facing the next turning point toward redemption of our past. Maybe, even when we disagree, we will all learn what is most important in the way we treat each other as we help our neighbors and strangers alike rebuild their lives from Harvey’s fury. Also, let us no longer allow the political and media mantra madness to drown our neighbors or ourselves.

Today and over the years, have you often felt like a victim of the media’s mantra madness, including our social media as well? Whether it comes from the liberal or conservative side, does it seem all too complicated and scary for anyone to do anything but hide? Many may feel all that soap-opera media and social media noise is simply that, just noise to ignore.

That is the paradox I find myself with this article series. Do I simply ignore this doctor’s newsletter that places all alt-right, nationalist, “Christian” conservatives, ISIS, white supremacists, and Republican Party into the same “Eugenics or ethnic cleansing” basket of Hitlers? Do I simply unsubscribe and go on my way? Or is there more going on than this doctor simply repeating what his media and political sources are telling him, or even some injustice he personally witnessed?

Yet, we all know from history and this 21st century world, whoever rules the media has a greater chance of controlling our lives. We all know the adage “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth,” a quote from Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister.

Do you see any parallels to what we hear, see, and do today with the media mantra and madness on both sides? So, whoever professes the loudest that they have the “truth”, then it must all be a lie, right? We all really end up drowning in confusion no matter who happens to be the author of so-called “fake news” or “eugenics” hysteria. Did we really need Harvey to possibly wake us up from the hypnotic media trance hammered at us 24/7?

So, before we continue our history lesson into the 1960s and beyond, let’s give ourselves some time this week to reflect on what we are listening to and how it affects our thoughts and behavior toward each other, no matter what “side” we may be supporting. Words are creative and produce some reaction with our thoughts, then words, and then even actions.


Have you reached a threshold of “enough is enough?” What kind of action in word or deed are you contemplating? Would it bring healing or harm, whether emotional, psychological, or physical, to another human being? Or is it easier to put them in a group and label them cancerous, duped, and dangerous as my dear doctor has done? Maybe there is another way.

Maybe each of us can actually help “our side” reach out and find the “truth” together in the way we treat each other. Then maybe the nation will catch on that we have decided to move on from the media madness to work together toward the greater good for our neighbors and our nation. Yes, tragedies like Harvey can bring out the best in us all but how long will it last? Are you in it for the long-haul healing lives on both sides of the aisle?

There is no better time than now, particularly when there are so many hurting who have lost everything from Hurricane Harvey . . . let alone the prospects of Irma breaking our eastern shores and horrific fires in other states, such as Oregon, Washington, and now Montana. Let’s not then have the media “jerk our chain” once again after they will undoubtedly return to their standard media mantra of pitching one against the other. Yes, we all need to be a voice for good and what is true. Yet, let it not get to the point that some may see it as justification for violence against each other, repeating the past and making our future worse than anyone could imagine.

History screams at us to learn and continue the journey to reconcile, one with another. We may be reviewing history through this series. Yet, we are also making history right now by the path we each decide to take toward each other.