What can we say to this doctor?, part 1

Just a few days ago I received a newsletter article from an integrative MD I have followed for years. His knowledge and health perspective has been a valuable part of my own wellness journey. He has helped me on many occasions with my own health and wellness needs over the years. I have even recommended him to my daughter and others in the past. Yet, I was amazed and sadly perplexed by this recent newsletter as part of his cancer education series. I wonder what is happening to us all in our precious nation?

His article spoke about a cancer growing in our nation and political system focused on eugenics and racism being perpetuated by . . . “state sponsored hatred of all humanity” via the alt-right, nationalist, “Christian” conservative, ISIS, white supremacist, and Republican Party. And if you are part of that party or any of these groups, you are a racist yourself. He added—especially the race or “religion” you support.

This doctor’s article topic began in an earlier issue with a focus on black lives matter compared with the “all lives matter” mantra of conservative news, the latter being irrelevant to the number of blacks dying at the hands of police. And that such so-called conservative Republican “rhetoric” elicits fear and hate-based concepts and ignores what he calls “the facts.”

There is no denying there has been and is injustice and very bad things happening to our citizens of color, whether Black, Hispanic, Native American, or White on our streets in the past and today. Yes, white is a color; and according to Wikipedia, “White is an achromatic color, literally a “color without hue”, that is a mixture of the frequencies of all the colors of the visible spectrum.” We just must remember that in our nation somewhere in all our genes we are all related and beautifully blend as one!

Therefore, there must be more than this so-called blame “rhetoric” coming from both sides. With this doctor’s recent part 2 article these views are expanded to include all of the above listed groups as one…who are considered blind, duped, cancerous, and will bring on eugenics or “ethnic cleansing” in the US and beyond. The doctor even lists the eugenic and genocide data from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum as a warning and foreshadow to come. The doctor’s article also stated the . . . “science” of ethnic cleansing, got its start in the late 1800s in the United Kingdom and in the USA. Hitler marveled especially at America’s efforts, we served as the inspiration for the Holocaust.”

Once I moved beyond the shock of his pleadings, I asked myself, “Am I blind and duped, even dangerous for being a Republican, conservative, and Christian?”

What can we say to this doctor?

Maybe we can start by what we agree with and possibly offer a broader historical perspective on who has contributed the good and bad to where we are today. History does show in the very early 20th century California was considered the epicenter among other states for instituting laws and practices of eugenics, according to Edwin Black, The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics, Columbia College of Arts & Sciences History News Network. Also, according to Wikipedia, California was responsible for 80% of forced sterilizations in the early 20th century. Hitler followed suit during his reign of terror.

Yet, eugenics or “ethnic cleansing” didn’t start in the US or UK but has been an ever-constant global evil for millennia. The Assyrian Empire practiced ethnic cleansing when it forced millions of people in conquered lands to resettle between the ninth and seventh centuries B.C. and had eunuchs who were castrated. Then there was Plato’s time, let alone nations in the Middle Ages through the 19th and early 20th century. According to Tina M. Campt, author of Other Germans, Black Germans and the Politics of Race, Gender, and Memory in the Third Reich (University of Michigan Press), eugenics had its continued roots in National Socialism with a sterilization program at the top of the agenda in the first half of 20th century Germany.

Throughout the generations, both political parties have contributed to our tragic as well as redeeming history. In part two, let’s learn what we need to say and do as we respond to the pleadings of someone like my dear doctor. In part two next week, let us learn to navigate through humanity’s redemptive struggles on both sides of the political and personal spectrum.