Relationships . . . Working it out in 2017

Remember in the last article I said I will start giving you some scathingly brilliant ideas for 2017? Well, I still feel “scathingly” stuck with where to even begin! So, I decided to offer myself this coaching question. “At the core, what do you want to achieve in 2017 for your readers?”

After a very long pause and blank stare, this is what I came up with. “I want to help my readers make the connection between what is going on right at home and work it out with what will be happening in our nation.” We all know that in some way what happens at the local, state, national, and global levels will impact ourselves or someone close to us.

Whether it has to do with poverty, our economy, national security, our constitution, healthcare, or tax reform, how do we make the lifeskills connection and help work it out here at home and beyond? For most of us, we are neck deep in just taking care of the kids, school, job, home stuff, you name it. We simply don’t know how to make the time and connection let alone work it out on behalf of our family and community. State, national, and global decisions and actions seem so out of our control. We just hope and pray more good than bad happens.

So, if I can offer you opportunities to help our community and nation do more good than bad, I will have fulfilled my goal for 2017 to my readers. I definitely realize we may agree on principle with the topics but not necessarily at times on how to relate to the What, Why, Where, When, With Whom, and How. This is particularly the case, depending on one’s political persuasion and the tumultuous 2016 outcomes. Yet, let’s give it a try finding common ground for the greater good. Let’s make sure we all have a voice.

For those who haven’t been on the journey with me, this will begin my twelfth year writing my byline, From the Heart, Lifeskills for Today, for my Texas regional newspaper. With each article this New Year related to a community and national concern, I will hopefully connect it to one of my twelve practical daily lifeskills covered each month (January being Relationships/Core Values).

Are you ready to relate? I will be seeking resources at the local, state, national levels in the time ahead on those areas of concern listed above. I am hopeful our representatives will also be ready to make the relationship connection and encourage conversation, helping us all work it out together for the greater good. And if you know of someone locally, statewide, and national who would be interested in helping to make the connection and work it out together, send contact information my way. Welcome to 2017 From the Heart!