Is being politely political even possible? Part 1

As early voting continues this week and next, how have your conversations been with your family and neighbors? Have those front yard talks stayed polite or heated up a little? Maybe for many of us we tend to vent more on Facebook or some other social network because it simply seems “safer” to do so.

For most of us we more likely look for someone who agrees with us rather than talk with or challenge someone in the opposite camp. Yet, you wouldn’t think so with some of the “tweets” you read this week, even from the candidates. Even our media is having a heyday with the rants and raves happening just about every hour on the hour. So, where do we find some sanity in the midst of it all?

How about starting with shifting what you see, hear, and read, particularly from the media and social networks from both camps. Maybe it’s time to do your own research not only on what the candidates and platforms support and check out some of the voting guides out there. You can even print out a sample ballot to use in your research on each candidate. This research exercise needs to be broadened beyond the presidential candidates to the many federal, state, and local ones vying for your vote.

Here are some resources that may prove helpful no matter what your political persuasion. You may be saying at this point, “I just don’t have the time to do the research.” A friend just told me that if I don’t take the time to make a conscious, informed decision by researching candidates, I will have absolutely nothing to complain about in future years. That is a sobering thought.

In part 2 next week, once you have done your research, let’s take a really close look at the values and voice we hold dear. How do they match up to the candidates and platform? Why are we so surprised by the moral crisis in our nation?


  • Vote 411, League of Women Voters (research/compare candidates),
  • Inside Gov (use filters for targeting candidates and issue),
  • Christian Coalition 2016 Voter Guide,
  • Kendall County Republican Party,,
  • Texas Democratic Party,
  • Kendall County Democratic Party (scroll to Kendall County),
  • Libertarian Party of Texas,
  • Green Party of Texas,
  • Texas Tea Party,;
  • Kendall County General Election Information (including link to Sample Ballot to actually mark who you want to vote for and use as a reference for researching each candidate and bring it with you when you vote):
  • Hill Country Voters Guide,
  • Early voting (Kendall County, Tx):