My Wellness Declaration, part 3

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As mentioned in previous article, after returning home with a life-changing regimen of pills, potions, lotions, and avoidance/rotation eating pattern, I also had to go through every product on the shelf and in the refrigerator and start with the most benign regimen of daily routines. The overall transformation included housecleaning products, laundry detergents, body lotions, makeup, even my own toothpaste.

Dr. Currier’s regimen of food rotation by food families came from a book he gave me called “The Rotary Diversified Diet” developed by Theron G. Randolph, M.D. and Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D (source: The Alternative Approach to Allergies : The New Field of Clinical Ecology Unravels the Environmental Causes of Mental and Physical Ills). This rotary diet involved five basic rules:

1. Eat whole unadulterated foods, simple foods.
2. Diversify your eating pattern.
3. Rotate your eating pattern.
4. Rotate food families every 2 days.
5. Eat only foods to which you are not allergic, at first.

He also introduced me to another reference, Brain Allergies: The Psychonutrient and Magnetic Connections by Dr. William Philpott. The book also had a seven-day and four-day rotation chart of foods plus other challenging claims, but I persevered taking each day as it came. I used both references to create a tailored rotation to my situation.

Testing out every step and with a lot of help from my scientist husband, I learned about food families for every vegetables, animal protein, fruit, herbs, spices, sweets, you name it. As time went on I modified the rotation to accommodate any food avoidance still necessary. I typed my own chart and posted it on my kitchen cabinet for the next five to seven years.

To reduce exposure to offending food substances, starting a seven-day rotation routine was very hard at first. All the cravings started coming as I went into withdrawals from so many foods I couldn’t even list here. I had to initially avoid all the basic foods we eat every day, such as wheat, beef, all dairy, eggs, soy, you name it. Read any food label on the product you use. Guess what? There are about 12 basic foods you eat several times during the day every day. Where is the variety?

I discovered a whole new, fascinating world of culinary wonder with foods I thought didn’t exist! After five years, I fortunately was able to gradually reintroduce most all offending foods as I was able to handle them and continue with a four-day rotation. It made it so much easier creating menus and recipes that fit each day. Keep in mind, this was not a fad diet. It didn’t deal with extreme eating patterns, such as eating only one food group or food family for weeks or months at a time. This rotation supported the basic rules of quality nutrition in every detail.

Imagine all the surprise meals my family encountered! With some meals, they actually enjoyed the concoctions. There were those days, however, especially Day 3, that didn’t go over very well! But love conquers all, and we were in this adventure together. And yes, there were times (which I only heard about in later adult years) my daughters pitched their lunches in the trash at school and got in the cafeteria line or sponged off friends any goodies they could get!

Along with this mealtime adventure, I also began a nutritional supplement regimen Dr. Currier prescribed with the most benign sources available in the nation at the time for chemically sensitive people. Not knowing how my body would react I started taking only a third of the amount prescribed. I eased my way experimenting with each week one more supplement to add, waiting on how my body would react. I eventually learned to recognize changes and new plateaus in how I felt. I also made corresponding changes in my nutritional needs, exercise, and daily activities.

Some amazing things started to happen over a period of months, although I didn’t notice it myself at first. My husband, John, actually noticed I didn’t panic eat my food at each meal. I didn’t have the pale, pasty look of pain on my face as much, and I didn’t immediately lie down to endure high level digestive pain for an hour or more after eating.

I continued phone consults with Dr. Currier until I felt I needed someone nearby to keep me moving along. While working with Dr. Currier, I got to know many wellness and functional lab resources. A variety of periodic chemical/food allergy testing was done using different methods. In addition, an amino acid analysis was done to help monitor my progress with malabsorption. Other metabolic and chemistry screens were added. These tests were done through a team effort by local physicians and specialty labs around the country.

Most of the coordination of these tests was my responsibility since few physicians knew of these tests nor knew what to do with the results.
Much of the consultation was done through medical directors and lab consultants who held Ph.D. degrees in chemistry, immunology, and nutrition-related disciplines, not conventional physicians. Fortunately, I was able to connect over time with a number of incredibly gifted integrative MDs and PhDs whose unique skills in integrative medicine and nutrition were just what the doctor ordered. The next step coming next week.