Career in Politics, are you serious!?

Well, now that the Texas Primaries are over, where do we go from here? Did your candidate win the primary? If not, do you feel like all is lost? Do you wonder, “Who in the world would want to be in politics anyway!?” Your next thought may also be “Not me. Everyone in politics is corrupt.”

If those were your first thoughts, possibly you already do believe all is lost and are considering jumping ship! There are quite a few out there, both liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, who are saying they may just leave the U.S. if “you know who” is nominated and becomes President. Jumping ship naturally depends on who your “you know who” is! Others are planning on going into hiding, buy a few thousand acres in no-man’s land, pull the family together, and live off the land off the grid. Have I hit home yet?

Before we go further, can we simply agree right now that not ALL politicians are corrupt. In fact, many continue to fight the good fight for the values so dear to our nation and deserve our continued support. Yet, before you get even more discouraged, let’s have a little fun here, biblically speaking. Which person do you relate to the most, Jonah or Elijah? Now, Jonah was quite the character (Jonah 1-4). God definitely got his attention, first with a conversation, then with a “whale of an adventure” inside a whale! Jonah’s first take from the initial conversation was to basically tell God Nineveh and the people were lost and deserved to be lost.

Yet, God was saying just the opposite and Jonah didn’t really want to hear it. Somewhere in the dialogue Jonah missed the motive and mission given him. What do you think the motive and mission was? Here’s my guess . . . compassion and a choice to be offered. Yet, understandably, Jonah knew Nineveh very well and probably felt sheer terror to even get close to that place and its people. They would either simply mock him, calling him a fool, or actually try to kill him.

But God was serious about helping not only Nineveh but also Jonah. Sometimes, when we decide to run and hide as far as we can, we actually end up in a predetermined “whale” encounter that eventually spits us out and wakes us up to get moving again in the right direction. And as Jonah learned, his actions affected everyone around him, even the ones who he bumped into on his way to hiding. Wouldn’t it be nice for those of us who prefer to hide, not hide? We just may then avoid the “whale” detour journey. Your stepping up may also be just what it takes to help our nation avoid its own detour journey. Does all this sound familiar?

I hope you Jonahs actually can trust and risk stepping out there, even to be in political office in the next go around. For now, can you at least support those who are currently running who share your values and compassion for offering a choice on behalf of our nation and citizens?

Now, let’s look at Elijah (1st & 2nd Kings). What a firebrand he was! During his time, just about anything that could go wrong did. As a firebrand for God, he stepped out even if it meant his life. For years, he challenged anything and anyone who were wreaking havoc and destruction on humanity. He was also someone who brought healing and wisdom to multitudes. He actually ended up being the only one at the time still standing as he faced certain death.

Yet, after an incredible event that changed the course of a nation and a people, he also was a human being. Exhausted from it all, in the midst he was depleted of any reserve, blaming himself, and basically giving up under a tree. Then hidden in a cave, he declared to God he was the only one left standing and had no more strength left. Yet, surprise! God said rest awhile, eat a little, listen awhile. As the exhaustion, discouragement, and depression waned Elijah discovered to his amazement there were 7,000 people waiting for him to carry out his re-commission. He also found a partner that teamed with him, to mentor and pass the mantle when ready.

How does Elijah fit for you? Whether you feel you are a Jonah or an Elijah, both were angry, even enraged, discouraged, depressed, felt totally alone, and exhausted to the point of not wanting to live anymore. Yet, once rested and reinvigorated, they both got back up on their feet to continue the motive and mission given them that saved untold lives and changed not just one nation but the world.

This is a new day, a new beginning. No matter what the media or pundits try to predict, we may all be surprised on what happens in the days and months ahead. May you step in to your calling, whether it be in political office or some other profession to passionately and purposefully serve other people with compassion, humility, truth, integrity, and commitment, no matter the challenges ahead. For when you step into your destiny you just may find your dream team who together will continue the good fight and even preserve the foundations of our precious nation.