Treasuring Time

the month of January the lifeskill focus was Core Values & Relationships. Our thoughts centered around new beginnings not just for ourselves but also for those around us. We also centered ourselves around what is most important in our lives through each season of relationships.

Relationships that last forever consisted of certain key qualities and priorities, such as you are committed to offering communication with love, and genuine listening from the heart. You also work at a balanced relationship where the two of you mutually support each other and simply enjoy being around each other.

We then centered our thoughts around saying goodbye to a dear friend who may have struggled with a life-threatening illness. You were there by their side throughout the journey You also knew that only those who have made the cancer journey could ever understand more fully the depth and courage required to fight the good fight.

Questions were asked whether or not your friend wins the battle here or wins it on the other side. “How do you say goodbye to a dear friend? What do you say before they are gone? How has your own life and faith been challenged? How do you share your love and faith while they are still with you?”

You may wonder, “Why is she reviewing January articles?” I answer with a question for you, “What do these January articles all have in common?” Yes, it is about relationships, your core values, and what is most important to you. Yet, here’s a hint that ties it all together. “Treasure the moments as you Invest and make forever Memories of Encouragement and love.”

With every thought and action we take, does the time spent each day reflect the values and relationships that make this life worth every moment? I hope so. One exercise that can spotlight how you use your time may prove helpful knowing every moment does have meaning. We all have daily responsibilities between those fixed, scheduled in activities and those that may surprise us, filling our days in between.
Many of those “in-between” activities can often end up wasting our days. They may also end up changing our lives forever. To have meaning in every moment takes some thought and time. Here’s a chart to consider. With each lifeskill area write in how much time you spend through the week and the activities.

Lifeskill Area Amount of Time Spent & Activities
1. Core Values/Relationships
2. Managing Time
3. Career & Money Managing
4. Recordkeeping
5. Possession Care (taking care of your “stuff”)
6. Housekeeping
7. Wellness
8. Meals
9. Childcare
10. Recreation/Entertainment (How do you “play”?)
11. Reflection
12. Celebration


Every lifeskill has an important place in your daily life. How does it add up for you? Any change you want to make in the way you spend your time and life? What areas say “I am in the right place at the right time”? In what area(s) do you believe you are spending too much time or not enough?
If you are spending too much time in one area, how do you want to change that? One example could be your career or job is robbing you of time away from family, friends, taking care of your health/wellness, or there is no time to play and just relax. Choose one area where you spend too much or too little of your time, then commit yourself to one specific way toward changing the amount of time and/or activity to better align your week and life.
You may best be able to accomplish this change after discussing your thoughts with your family. Ask them for input and ideas. You just may be surprised what surfaces in the conversation. Hopefully, the whole family will share in your time management adventure so everyone will discover a more family-friendly way to spend those 24 hours each day. And if you ever wondered how your future will look, remember, what you do in each moment actually adds up to your future. So treasure your time today and every day.