Time & Time Again

Before you continue reading this article, set it aside with a question I offer to you. At this moment, how does this time, this moment, fit into your life?

What was your first thought? Maybe you were sipping on a cup of coffee, taking a morning or evening break as a routine for you. Possibly, you were cruising through the paper to see what’s in it and my article caught your eye. Or, maybe, you are one of my loyal readers who can’t wait to see what I come up with next. BTW, thank you!

May I also thank all readers who have paused over the years for a moment to read any of my articles. My hope is my muses and, at times, venting, have provided a pleasant if not purposeful moment in time to reflect on life and those daily lifeskills we face each day. And here we are again with a new February where time is the topic.

Back to the question now. For myself, my first thought while writing this article was, “I do love to write but hope I can keep on keeping on with some bits of wit, whimsy, and even wisdom along the ‘writing’ way.” It’s been an amazing ride starting my 11th year. Since the number 11 throughout my life has always been a significant number for me, I will consider this year a banner one with possible surprises along the way. Maybe those surprises may come with some challenges. Yet, I find that life is always a faith-filled balance of attitude between the good stuff and the bad stuff. So, even with my senior years, I will continue to be my ever positive Pollyanna! So now that you have heard my first thought, what about yours? Here are some possible ones you may have:

  • I know…I am just procrastinating getting that to do list done. But it’s nice to just sit for awhile.
  • This is my time, my moment, to chill, and do whatever I want. And reading the paper is it.
  • After hearing some difficult and scary news from the doctor today, I am more and more grateful for this moment in time.
  • My first thought surprised me. I have been so concerned about the direction of our nation thinking, “What can I do? I am just one person.” Then it came to me to do something today right within my community to walk my talk.
  • So many of us take for granted we will have that next moment, next day, next year. But we really don’t know what our tomorrows may be. So, what I am doing right now, is it what I should do with this moment?

As the author of this byline, I would love for you all to believe reading my articles are an important part of your day. Yet, I also heartily concede we each only have one life to live. You are the only one to know whether this moment is to be part of your day and life.

For my part, I will continue to diligently work to write about lifeskill topics that will hopefully make a difference in every reader’s life. May you enjoy the moments gifted to you each day. And whatever you are doing in those moments may they be filled with love, laughter, and life.

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