Relationships that Last Forever

What qualities do you see in a relationship that lasts forever? We all know those qualities can vary depending on the type of relationship and your core values that encourage you to find relationships that supports what is most important to you.

For me, some of the qualities at the top of my list is kindness, wisdom, and someone who sees the good in any situation. According to Alice Boyes Ph.D., 50 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships, What you know and like about your partner should tell you a lot (Psychology Today, posted January 22, 2013), the first one on her list is “You can name your partner’s best friend and identify a positive quality that the person has.” She goes on to list many others, such as playfulness, think about each other often, enthusiastic for you, name your spouse’s/partner’s favorite books, sense of security.

Here are some qualities most commonly thought of for a spouse, a friend, even a co-worker.

·       You are committed to offering communication with love, and genuine listening from the heart

·       You work at a balanced relationship where the two of you mutually support each other

·       You genuinely care for the other person

·       You have an honest, open relationship

·       You are faithful in the good times and the bad times

·       You respect one another even when you disagree

·       Give you both time and opportunity to work through problems together

·       You have lots of fun together

·       You simply enjoy just being around each other

·       You forgive one another

·       Be truly who you are with each other

Have any others you can think of? Give yourself some time to reflect. Then talk with your spouse, friend, or co-workers about the positive qualities you see in them and in your relationship with them. Give yourself time to reflect on ways you want to improve your behavior with your spouse, friend, co-worker that will build a stronger relationships that potentially last forever.