New Year . . . New Beginnings 2016

Isn’t it wonderful that on the first day of the new year we can actually make a choice to have new beginnings?  I much prefer to use “new beginnings” rather than “new year resolutions.” It somehow helps me take small but important steps toward being resolute about any number of needed changes and commitments.

What new beginnings do you want to start in 2016? I know a couple friends who decided to step out and start a new business. Another friend is starting to be more kind to those who are not so kind. For myself, with all that is going on in this troubling world, I am finding ways to make someone else’s life a little easier and more hopeful.

Didn’t Jesus say, “The poor you will always have with you?” So, that means we all can simply look around us in our own neighborhoods to bring hope to their lives. Let’s do our part in 2016. With the recent weather that has caused much damage and has taken lives in Texas, there are many ways to help others. Here are a few resources to support and volunteer to bring relief to the devastating damage and loss of life in the Dallas and surrounding areas. Ongoing help is also still needed for those affected by damages throughout 2015.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a disaster for the four Texas counties hit the hardest: Dallas, Rockwall, Collin, and Ellis counties. So, check out any resources within those counties that may need your support and volunteer help.

May 2016 shine as one of the most giving and heartfelt years for all those close to home and in our nation. Happy New Year to all!