Motivational Speaker

Throughout the years Sharon has been a motivational guest speaker for a number of private support groups and organizations. As a gifted communicator, Sharon has shared her Life, Wellness, and Creative Arts journey with audiences in Texas and California. Her passion and life's work as a professional life/wellness coach & artisan has inspired and challenged anyone ready to seek, reach, and achieve the life they were designed to live.

Her diverse educational, vocational, and personal life experiences bring hope and encouragement to all who hear her own story of healing and reconciliation. Sharon inspires confidence and conscious purpose for those whose passion for the creative arts need support and motivating direction. As an artisan herself in the Fiber Arts world, she has shared her passion for the arts with groups, organizations, seminars, retreats, classroom settings, and interviews by newspapers and radio stations.

Sharon offers a caring, practical, and at time comical perspective on every day routines that impact your life goals.

Contact Sharon to arrange a speaking engagement, presentation, or course workshop on any of the followings topics.

If you have a particular theme you wish to focus on for your audience, Sharon will be glad to discuss your preferences for a specific presentation, course, meeting, conference, or retreat. Whether a private group, business, church or organization, you are invited to contact Sharon to schedule an available date for this uniquely gifted speaker.


  • Lifeskills in Synergy for Today's Family

    Twelve practical daily lifeskills dimensions that directly impact your personal and professional life goals—your core values/relationships, the way you use your time, choose your career, manage your money and recordkeeping, take care of your possessions or "stuff," your health/wellness, meal time, childcare, how you play/have fun, reflect and celebrate your life that brings fulfillment, balance, and conscious connection to all you do.

    • Core Values—What do you believe?
    • Dialogue—Am I really listening?
    • Muddling Through Life—Getting out of the mud
    • Transforming & Celebrating Your Journey! Presentation/Seminar Duo—What makes you dance? & Lifeskills in Synergy
    • Celebrating Your Journey - Skills for Life
    • Life the SMART way
    • 8 Guideposts for integrating your career, finances, and core values
    • Your Current Job—Love it or Leave it?
    • Stay at Home/Work at Home?
    • Budgeting Beyond Survival
    • Money & Memories Recordkeeping
    • Your Possessions—the stuff that stacks up
    • Your Castle—Clean enough for healthy, Dirty enough for happy!
    • Where Went My Want To?
    • How Do You Play?
    • Mealtime together—A lost treasure?
    • Childcare—From diapers to dating & beyond
    • Saying Thank You—A lost art?
    • Quiet time—What is that?
    • Celebrating Life when things are lousy!
  • Wellness

    When speaking with groups on health, healing, and wellness, Sharon’s touching yet humorous chronicle of her life in the healing lane is cherished by all. From vignettes in her autobiography, In Daddy’s Eyes, she shares her journey toward wellness. Through many medical mysteries Sharon was challenged to look at life’s horizon with a broader stroke—one life forever changed by her faith, the impact of family on her physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing, and the healing miracle of forgiveness. Topics currently available are: Life in the Healing Lane

    • What is Wellness?—12 Dimensions
    • Self-care so You Can Care for Others
    • Helping You become Wellness Savvy
    • Wellness & Our Evolving Healthcare System—Integrative Medicine, Making the Patient Center Stage


  • Creative Arts

Inspiring confidence and conscious purpose for those with a passionate heart for the creative arts Creativity, Art & Your Life Journey

    • Key Motivations for Artist & Art Lover
    • The Bumpy Business of Art
    • Balancing Life, Wellness, & Art
    • Your Art Studio—in the home
  • Leadership toward Legacy

With a passion for encouraging others toward wholeness and leadership, Sharon offers staff development workshops, private groups, and organizations an opportunity to focus on essential leadership qualities and tools to help you live a life of service and leadership for others.

    • DISC Personality System--essential tool for understanding how you communicate, relate to others, and improve your relationships at work and home
    • Team Styles Development--learning how to create and sustain dynamic teamwork
    • Say Thank You--A lost art?
    • Quiet time--What is that?