What’s in the word . . . Thanksgiving?

As we approach Thanksgiving weekend, I have a request of you. No matter what is going on in our political world via news and social networks, let it NOT be your focus. Shift your thoughts toward thanksgiving. And leave your political judgments and opinions about the fallibilities and failings of the so-called opposition, including your favorite party, for another day, week, or even longer!


Let’s put our “throwing stones” aside for a while. They just may come back to hit and haunt us. Ok? I know your family, friends, and strangers alike would appreciate it. And be sure to guard your conversation at the Thanksgiving table! That way everyone can enjoy the holiday and maybe even begin to change things for the better in our nation. It does begin with your own family and friends gathered together. Even more so when you invite a stranger to your festive table!


So, here I reflect on and revisit my 2012 article on your behalf. This article version will also be short but sweet. Every year we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Yet, what does it really mean for each of us? I decided to offer the word in an acrostic theme. Each letter will have its own special meaning. Here’s goes.

“T” stands for Treasure each moment.
“H” stands for Holding dear the memories.
“A” stands for Appreciate those in your life.
“N” stands for Notice how those you love care for you in unique ways.
“K” stands for Kindness goes a long way to heal hearts and bring joy.
“S” stands for being Satisfied with what you have.
“G” stands for Gratitude that comes straight from the heart to others.
“I” stands for Inspiration that touches those you love.
“V” stands for Visiting those in need and less fortunate during this season.
“I” stands for Invite someone to your gathering who needs encouragement.
“N” stands for Numbering the times you were genuinely wished a Happy Thanksgiving.
“G” stands for Giggle for the joy and celebration of being with family and friends.